Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chapter Two

Saturday, very early in the morning Sarah woke up freezing cold even though she was in Richie’s arms with the sheets over both of them. It confirmed her thoughts of flu even more.

Carefully she got out of Richie’s arms and got up from the bed, as soon as she stood straight everything around her started turning. She reached out a hand into midair, trying to take a hold of something to make her steady and stood still for a few seconds until the room stopped spinning. Finally she continued her way to the bathroom. She had only just opened the door and immediately felt incredibly hot. In just a matter of milliseconds she reached the toilet and threw up again. She hated this feeling, there went last night’s dinner, disgusting.

After a few minutes she was able to get up a little bit and sit on the edge of the bath as she waited to feel better to go back to bed, meanwhile she felt freezing cold again. She hated being sick too.

Sarah shivered and held on to the bath’s edge. Then she realized something and reached over for the tap and turned on the hot water. Carefully she got up and undressed while she waited for the bath to fill up, the hot water should warm her up again.

The hot water felt pleasant as she lowered herself into the bath, leaning all the way down until only her head was sticking out. She loved Richie’s house, everything was bigger here than it had been at her house. The bath was big enough for two, three if they really wanted to but they didn’t. The TV in the living room could be watched from the kitchen. The kitchen, a room Sarah loved, it was huge, the fridge enormous and she loved to cook in it.

Sarah closed her eyes and relaxed, lowering a little bit more into the water.

“There you are.” She heard muffled through the water and opened her eyes to see her husband, carefully she moved to sit up a little to at least be able to hear him decently.
“Morning.” She smiled weakly at him.
“Morning. Why are you taking a bath?” Richie asked confused.
“I was cold.”
“Just cold?” He asked suspicious.
Sarah sighed. “Sick.”
“Still? You probably do have a stomach bug or a flu.” He said caring, kneeling down next to the bath.
Sarah shrugged, she hoped it wasn’t but she knew Richie was probably right.
“So any space left in that bath of yours?”
“Really?” She asked, if she really was sick, would he really want to take a bath with her, he could get sick too.
“That, or you go back to bed with me.”

Sarah thought it over, the water was getting cold by now anyway. She pushed herself up to sit and reached a hand out for Richie to help her stand up, she didn’t entirely trust her own legs yet. Richie helped her up and got her a towel to wrap around her. While Sarah tried to dry off as best as she could, Richie got her bathrobe and helped her into it.

Once in their bedroom Richie noticed the trash can from the bathroom still on Sarah’s side of the bed, he decided to leave it there. Gently he helped her back in bed, pulling the sheets up to her chin and got in on the other side himself. He pulled Sarah close against him and held her, making sure she was warm enough.

A few hours later, Sarah woke up to the disgusting smell of bacon and coffee and a pounding headache to go with it. She hoped profusely that whoever was making it would keep it in the kitchen and not come any closer. With a sigh, she opened her eyes and saw Richie wasn’t next to her anymore.

A small kick against the door and the smell got even worse as Richie walked in with a tray of food.

“Oh God.” Sarah muttered under her breath. She didn’t want to be rude but there was no way she was able to stay near that smell, let alone eat what Richie had prepared for breakfast.
“Morning again, I got you breakfast.”
“I hope that disgusting bacon isn’t for me.”
Richie cocked an eyebrow. He hadn’t known Sarah to be sick before, did she get cranky when she was sick?
“Sorry.” Sarah apologized. “It just smells really bad, the coffee too, it’s making me sick.”
“I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I just made you toast though. Bacon was for me, didn’t think you’d feel up to it.” He walked over to the bed and put the tray down. He picked up one of the pieces of bacon and started eating it as he sat down on the bed.
“Don’t expect me to kiss you now.”
“No? I’ll make the bacon disappear.” He grabbed another piece and wolfed it down too.

She knew he was only trying to be nice but the smell of bacon and coffee held her back from eating anything. It just smelled too horrible to eat anything. In the end she hardly managed a single slice of toasted bread.

“That’s all you’re going to eat? You should drink more.” He picked up a small bottle of water off the tray, opened it and handed it to Sarah.
Sarah took the bottle and carefully sipped a few times. Her stomach really didn’t feel up to having any contents. She could hear it protesting already.
“Sorry honey but you didn’t eat anything yesterday either.” Richie gently pointed out.
Sarah carefully nodded and moved to lay back down, hoping the bacon smell would finally go away.

When Richie finished breakfast he got up to put the tray outside their room to take down later. He had to take care of his sick wife and didn’t want to leave her just yet.
Still dressed in a pair of boxers, he got back in bed next to Sarah.
“Want to watch TV or go back to sleep?” He asked.
Sarah cringed. “You need to brush your teeth.”
He gave her a confused look. “Really?”
“Yes, the bacon…”
With a sigh Richie got back up and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

A few minutes later he walked back out, immediately his eyes went towards the bed, making sure Sarah was still there. He was just in time to see her grab the trash can. Good thing he had left it there. Quietly he turned back around and went to get a glass of water before walking over to Sarah. He took the trash can she was just putting down and gave her the glass of water.
“Thanks.” She said weakly and took a few sips.

Back in bed with Sarah, he got a little worried. If she would continue to be unable to keep food down, they’d have a problem. Should he phone a doctor or wait to see how Sarah would feel after another nap?

Sarah tried to get back to sleep but realized something. “I hope you didn’t see me puke.” She said partly embarrassed and disgusted.
Richie decided to make her happy. “I didn’t.’
“Good, ‘cause that’s just disgusting.”
“What are you gonna do when you get pregnant and have morning sickness?”

Sarah pressed her eyes closed, she didn’t want to think about that. So far they weren’t pregnant and she hated the idea that it might not even happen. She couldn’t understand how he was still so positive after six months of trying.

Just thinking of it was making her headache return, she felt tired again and couldn't be bothered to think anymore. Maybe some more sleep would make all the aches go away for a little while.

Richie held her, noticing she was falling asleep again, what if she was going to have morning sickness, what if they would finally be successful. When?


  1. I think it's time Richie took Sarah to see a doctor.

  2. Poor Sarah! Hope her sickness turns better or they discover something beautiful :)