Monday, February 25, 2013

Chapter Six

“Sarah Sambora?”

They both looked up to where the sound came from, noticing a nurse waiting for them at the doors that led to the Emergency Room.

Richie stood up first, then helped Sarah and walked with her over to the nurse who immediately led them through to a cubicle where Sarah could sit down on a bed.

Sarah got comfortable on the bed, with some help from Richie she could lean back against the upright back of the bed and hold her arm across her body, if she held it like that and didn’t move it too much, it hurt the least. Richie stayed on her right side to hold her hand.

Once settled, the nurse started asking them question about what had happened and started taking Sarah’s vitals as soon as they answered all the questions.

She took Sarah’s blood pressure and wanted to start with the IV.

“Which arm?” The nurse asked.

Sarah looked up at Richie, her left hurt too much to have an IV but if she offered her right hand, she’s had to let go of Richie’s.

“I’m still here.” He tried to encourage as he let go of Sarah’s hand. Instead he sat down on the bed at Sarah’s waist, so they could still have eye contact and he could support her that way.

“Did you hurt your left while you passed out?” The nurse asked since they hadn’t mentioned it while she had been asking her questions.
“I think so.” Sarah said.
“She got a cut too.” Richie added.
“Why didn’t you say that earlier? I’ll do the IV and blood work first and check the cut afterwards.”

Richie had completely forgotten to tell the nurse about Sarah’s wrist, he was much more worried about her not being able to keep food down which probably lead to her fainting in the bathroom earlier.

The nurse got her tray ready and wheeled a chair closer to Sarah’s bed. She gently picked up Sarah’s wrist, looking up at her.

“Are you scared of needles?”
Sarah smiled. “Not really.”

Richie felt a little relieved, then she wouldn’t miss holding his hand for support too much.

In only a few minutes the nurse had filled 3 tubes of blood almost painlessly and placed Sarah’s IV at the same time.

“All done, now let’s take a look at your wrist.” The nurse said as she got up, and went to refill her tray.

Richie moved back to stand next to Sarah and carefully held her hand. “All good?” He asked.
Sarah smiled again. “Yeah, it didn’t hurt.”
“Lucky you, mine always hurt.”
Sarah chuckled. “Aw honey, I’ll be there next time.”

The nurse wheeled her chair to the other side of Sarah’s bed and sat down with her tray again.

“Do you remember if it was bleeding badly?” She asked.
Sarah looked up at Richie, still not remembering anything that had happened.
“Not really, just a bit.”

The nurse reached for Sarah’s wrist but as soon as her fingers touched it, it hurt too much for Sarah.

“We can wait for the doctor to look at it.” She decided instead. “It could be broken.”

The nurse finished up and promised to be back with the blood results in a little while. She left the cubicle and left the white curtain partly open.

Richie sat down next to Sarah on the bed, still carefully holding her hand.

“Are you feeling any better?” He asked hopeful.
“Yeah, I think so.” She didn’t feel as dizzy any more than when she woke up on the bathroom floor.

According to Richie she looked better too, not as pale anymore, her face was gaining color again and she didn’t look as shaky anymore. She started to look healthier again.

He reached for his phone and started typing another text to Noah, he had promised to keep him updated and especially after tonight, he had to pull through on his promise.

8.49pm Bloodwork done, waiting for results


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