Saturday, March 2, 2013

Chapter Seven

After the nurse had been gone for a few minutes, Richie joined Sarah on the bed, being careful so she wouldn’t hurt herself to make space for him. Once settled, Sarah rested her head on his shoulder, feeling much better. She felt supported by Richie’s hard muscles as she leaned into him, getting drowsy because of the fluids she was getting.


Richie looked up to see another nurse standing by the curtain.

Sarah was a little slower to react but smiled when she noticed her too. “Taylor, what are you doing down here?”
The nurse smiled as she walked over. “I had to come and get something, just spotted you. What about you? Are you okay?”
“Better now.”
“What happened?” Taylor asked.
“I don’t remember. I was going to the bathroom, next thing I knew Richie was sitting next to me on the bathroom floor, telling me to wake up.” She wanted to wait for the blood results before telling what had been going on the last few days.
“Richie?” Taylor looked over at him. “You haven’t introduced me to your husband yet.” She smiled even brighter.
“Oh right, Richie,” she quickly looked up at him, “this is Taylor she’s a nurse here and Taylor, this is my amazing husband, Richie.” Sarah smiled up at him.
Richie smiled back, then looked up at Taylor. “Nice to meet you.”
Taylor was still smiling brightly, then realized she hadn’t said anything. “Maybe I can arrange you a private room at our ward.” She suggested to Sarah.
“That would be nice.” Sarah agreed.
“I’ll go find out who your nurse is and get you a room, you know everyone up there anyway, makes your stay nicer.”
“I’ll come check on you later.” Taylor said before she left.

Sarah settled back on Richie’s shoulder after Taylor left and closed her eyes again.

Richie held his wife as he waited for the nurse to return. So far it seemed like the IV was making her drowsy, although she started to look a little better, he didn’t know if that was a good or a bad sign.

Just in case, he texted Noah again, still trying to keep him up to date. After that he stared at the clock outside the curtains, over the reception desk. The more he stared, the slower time seemed to go but he needed to wait. The hands on the round clock seemed to tick so slowly, he couldn’t believe that was how long a minute took.

9.02       9.03       9.04       9.05

Time was going too slow, he needed to know what was wrong with his wife and he needed to know now.

Finally the curtain was pulled open further and the nurse that had treated Sarah walked into the cubicle.

“Alright, I found you a private room in one of the general wards.” She said brightly, then noticed Sarah. “Oh I’m sorry.” She said apologetic.
“It’s alright.” Richie assured her.
“Well, I found a bed, Sarah will have to stay for observation at least tonight and we’ll have the test results tomorrow morning. Can’t risk making x-rays right now so I’ll have to make a splint for now.”
Richie nodded. “Okay.”

He carefully turned to Sarah. “Honey, you have to wake up.”
“Hmmmm.” Was all Sarah said.
“Come on honey, you’re getting a nice private bed and you can sleep there.” He tried again.

A little resistant Sarah moved off his shoulder and tried to wake up more.

A few minutes later Sarah her left wrist was splinted and she couldn’t move it at all, it felt better. Not only her wrist felt better, whatever was in her IV was making her feel better too and drowsy.

Her private room was a little mainstream, light colors on the wall, a window, a small bathroom and a tv up on the wall.

As soon as everything was settled Taylor popped back into the room, she wasn’t wearing the hospital scrubs anymore and walked over to Sarah’s bed, sitting down on the edge.

Richie had moved to the comfy chair next to Sarah's bed, still staying close to her and watched them.

“Any news yet?” Taylor asked hopeful.
Sarah slowly shook her head. “No, dehydration.”
“You’ll be alright in a few days then, no worries.”
Sarah nodded, agreeing. “Did you finish your shift?”
“Yeah, you know I don’t like working evenings but I didn’t have another choice but now you can tell me about New York.”

Sarah smiled at her friend and started telling her about the few days she had spent in New York with Richie.

There wasn’t much to tell, Richie had been working most of the time, leaving Sarah with a lot of free time that she didn’t know how to fill. She also told her about Jon’s birthday party and could notice Taylor getting even more excited.

Richie watched them from his chair and was really glad that his wife had been able to make friends at work. Even though he was confident she would, he still had worried at first but this was the first time he was actually meeting one of her friends.

Taylor seemed like a nice girl according to him, probably early or mid twenties, she seemed a typical nurse, a caring person and he was glad that Sarah had a friend like that.

Then he noticed Taylor’s necklace, a golden heart and dagger, the heart and dagger he had seen so often.

Acting like he wanted to be closer to Sarah, he got up from the chair and sat down next to Sarah, careful for her IV and watched them talk.

Their conversation slowed down after a few minutes and ultimately went quiet.

“I like your necklace.” He said pointing at it.
Taylor’s hand rose to her neck and covered her necklace, her face turned a shade of pink.
“Where’d you get it?”
“A concert last year.” Taylor admitted.
“So you’re a fan?”
“Yeah. I thought you wouldn’t like if I’d started swooning and I tried to stay professional like a nurse should because you were probably more worried about Sarah.” Taylor answered.
“That’s nice of you.” Richie smiled, really appreciating it.
“I really admire your music.” Taylor said quickly.
Richie chuckled. “Thanks.”

Taylor left a few minutes later and left Sarah and Richie alone.

One of the nurses on the ward came to check on Sarah a while later and told her to try to get some sleep.

An hour later Richie was sure Sarah was sleeping and got ready to go back home. He’d rather stay the whole night with Sarah but there probably were three worried kids at home. He needed to talk to them and figure something out for Noah’s history test the next day.

10.30pm Sarah has to stay the night, results in the morning, I’ll be home soon


  1. Will they hurry up with the results already! I hate hospitals can you tell. Lol
    I'm not getting a good vibe from Taylor. Wondering if she is friends with Sarah because she really likes her or because she is a fan of the band? I know, only time will tell.
    Great job! Have a great weekend.