Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chapter Nine

Half an hour before school would be out, Richie said goodbye to Sarah and told her to have another nap.

Sarah couldn’t sleep, lunch had gone as bad as breakfast and she still felt sick, although the fluids in her IV made her feel better, it didn’t take away the sick feeling of throwing up.

Staying in the hospital, wasn’t so bad, it was like she was on the other side of her job almost. She knew everyone, all the nurses, except, usually she would sit at the reception desk, not lay in a private room.

Richie’s leaving also gave her a few minutes alone, the first time that day. She was finally pregnant, she almost couldn’t believe it but there was proof so it must be. She could finally relax, she didn’t need to worry about getting pregnant anymore. In fact she never should have worried, she realized that now and also knew how silly she had been to give up so quickly.

Carefully she laid both her hands on her abdomen, she was pregnant and had been for a while. When was it going to be due then? She had forgotten to ask. 9 months, a given, if she was 6 weeks pregnant… She started counting everything out and if she was right, they’d have a little baby at the beginning of November. She’d ask later to be sure.

She tried to sleep again, Richie would be back in a little bit with three teens that would have questions.

“Hey, Sarah.” Taylor walked in the room.
Sarah looked up. “Are you working already?”
“Yeah, starting in a little bit. How are you? Did you get the results?” Taylor walked over to where Sarah’s chart was laying.
“Yeah, can you-" She wanted to ask Taylor not to look in the chart, remembering what she agreed to with Richie.

Sarah and Richie had agreed to keep it quiet and only tell the children now but Taylor had already opened the chart and started reading.

Taylor’s eyes went wide as she looked back up at Sarah, who was smiling already.

“You’re pregnant.” She said amazed.
Sarah nodded.
“Were you trying to get pregnant?” Taylor asked.
“We were, I just didn’t tell anybody.”
“Not even me?” Taylor teased.
“Sorry, we weren't going to tell anybody yet.”
"Who do I got to tell? You're like my only friend around here." Taylor said.
"I know but you're a fan of Richie."
"I wouldn't do that, you know I love Richie. If I had known you were married to him when I met your, I probably wouldn't have told you how much I love him."
Sarah chuckled, remembering how excitedly Taylor used to talk about Richie and his music.
“You’re really pregnant?” Taylor asked excited.
“It looks like it, yeah.”
“Congrats, I’m so happy for you guys. I bet Richie has wanted more kids for a long while.”

For a minute Sarah didn't know anymore what she should say. Taylor was her only friend from the day she started working at the hospital. At first Sarah had found it sort of cute how Taylor talked about her favorite rock star, the longer she didn't tell Richie was her husband, the more she didn't dare to. I had almost taken a month to confess.

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna tell anyone, besides, patient confidentiality.” Taylor reassured her.

Taylor kept Sarah some company and Sarah asked for reassurance about her calculations. Taylor agreed it would be around that time but it would be best to ask a doctor to be sure.

In the meantime Richie arrived at the school, as usual he waited in the car, the kids would come to the car.

While he waited he phoned Jon, if Sarah was going to be in the hospital, he couldn’t go to New York for the weekend especially if he didn’t know how long it would be before Sarah was allowed to be go home again.

He dialed Jon’s number and after asking the usual “how are you” he had to tell Jon he couldn’t come over.

“Why not?” Jon asked, they had arranged it last week, why’d he cancel a week later?
“Sarah’s in the hospital and we don’t know when she’ll be discharged.”
“Is she okay?” The worry was noticeable in his voice.
“Yeah, acute morning sickness.” He said before he realized what he had said.
“Morning sickness?” Jon asked back, surprised.
“Oh fuck, I wasn’t supposed to tell anyone yet.”
“I won’t tell. Maybe if she’s a bit better by the weekend, I’ll come over and we can do some work?” Jon suggested.
“Uh yeah, I’ll let you know when Sarah’s discharged and we’ll see then.”
“Great, got some good ideas for songs.”
“We’ll see. I gotta go.”

They said goodbye and Richie put his phone away again, watching the school gates again.

Noah was the first to get to the car.

“How’s mom?” He asked after he had dropped his backpack in the trunk and got in the backseat.
“She’s fine, it’s nothing bad. I’m taking you guys to see her now.”
“Okay.” Noah agreed as they could hear the trunk being slammed shut again, and another time after that.

“Where are we going, dad?” Ava asked as they walked into the hospital.
“Visiting Sarah.” He thought it would have been needless to point out, but apparently not.
“I figured, I meant what kind of ward she’s in.”
“Just the ward where she works.” Richie said as he pushed the button to call an elevator and the three kids came to a halt behind him.
“But is she sick or…” Ava insisted.
“We’ll tell you in a minute.”
“Is Sarah pregnant?”

Richie tried his best to ignore the question and act like he hadn’t heard Ava ask it as he got into the elevator.

“Dad?” Ava tried again after the elevator doors closed and the four of them were the only ones in the elevator.

Again Richie ignored her question, he wanted to tell them with Sarah there.

“Dad? Is Sarah pregnant?” She asked again.
“Shut up Ava.” Caleb said annoyed and Ava gave him a mean look. "Why would she have to stay in the hospital if she's pregnant? She fainted at home and something could be really wrong so just shut up." He snapped at Ava, sharing a worried glance with Noah.
Ava glared back at him. “You’re overreacting, just wait and see.”
Caleb’s eyes turned back to Ava. “She’s MY mom.”
“Hey, hey, hey, calm down, both of ya. Just wait, Sarah’s fine, just go with that.” Richie told both of them as the elevator doors opened again.

Richie lead the way to Sarah’s private room, where Taylor was just leaving, he nodded and smiled at her and went into Sarah’s room, walking over to her bed to kiss her.

“Did you sleep any?” He asked.
“No, Taylor came in after you left, she read my chart.” Sarah said apologetically.
“It’s okay.” He couldn't be angry with her while he had told Jon too. It was accidental.

He stepped away and let Noah and Caleb some time with their mum.

“Are you really okay?” Noah asked again after a few minutes.
“Yeah.” Sarah tried to assure him, she looked up at Richie for a second, glanced at Ava and then back at her sons. “I’m pregnant. You know we were trying and it’s just really bad morning sickness.”

All three teenagers stared from Sarah to Richie, Ava had a confident smile on her face.

“Really? That’s it?” Noah asked in disbelief. “Why’d you pass out then?”
“Cause I hadn’t really been able to eat in 3 days.”
“So you can eat now?”
“No but now I have an IV that gives me everything food would give.” Sarah explained.
“But it’s gonna stop right?” Caleb asked the next question.
“Of course, don’t know when though.” Sarah said unsure.
“I hope it stops.”
Sarah chuckled. “So do I.”
“When’s the baby gonna be born?” Was Ava’s question.
For this Sarah looked up at Richie, telling him too. “We haven’t asked the doctor but I think it’ll be November.”
“When do we know if it’s a boy or a girl?” Ava went on excited.
“Not for another few months.” Sarah said and could see a bit of disappointment on Richie’s face.
“I hope it’s a girl.” Ava said.
“A boy.” Caleb argued.
“No, a girl.” Ava insisted.

Richie sighed. “Didn’t I tell you two to quit it?”


  1. Aww, the way Ava and Caleb bicker is adorable. Hopefully Jon doesn't make it obvious he knows when he gets there.

    1. Lol, well we all know how Jon loves to stick his foot in his mouth.

  2. Gotta love the siblings bickering back and forth.
    There is something about Taylor I just don't trust. Hope I am wrong. Loved it. More please!!!