Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Chapter Twelve

6 weeks

It was a peaceful and calm weekend, Sarah was sure she was able to go to work again on Monday. Since Thursday she hadn't seen her food a second time after she ate it, which was a great relief. The doctor had said it might get worse but she hoped it wouldn't and that this was all of it.

Her biggest relief was the fact they didn't need to visit a fertility doctor anymore, she dreaded that the most, to possibly hear they wouldn't be able to conceive and that it might be her fault. Now she definitely didn't have to worry about that anymore. 6 weeks pregnant, almost 7 probably, only about 30 more to go.

At the moment she wasn't looking forward to the baby's birth yet but all the steps in between, a heartbeat, announcing that she's pregnant, whether it's a boy or a girl, feeling him or her kick, most of all, seeing the baby on an ultrasound.

As she waited for Richie to come to bed, she thought about the past two days. Richie had been busy writing and composing with Jon, she knew he liked being at work so she let him be, after all, he hadn't worked all week so he could stay with her.

Other than seeing Richie happy to work, she was glad that he had let Caleb join them on some guitar playing. She knew how happy that had made Caleb, to work with two professionals that he could learn a lot from.

Sarah's thoughts were disturbed when Richie walked into the room.

"Done working?" She asked as he walked over to the bed and sat down.
"You know what I really want to do right now?" Richie said as he moved to lay down next to his wife.
"Have a good night's sleep?"
Richie chuckled. "Not exactly." And reached in to kiss Sarah.

He kissed her slowly, really tasting her, letting his tongue move next to hers just as slowly. His hand raised to stroke her cheek and disappeared into her blond hair.

For a long time he kissed her passionately, until his hand retreated and lowered to cup her breast through her nightie.

Richie liked this nightie, it had a deep cut and he could easily reach his hand into it as he kept kissing her. It had been a while now and he wanted to make it last and worth the wait.

Sarah loved his gentle touches, his hands were as they always were, the calluses from playing his guitar, playing across her skin set her nerve endings a blaze.

Slowly he made the straps of her nightie fall off her shoulders and moved it down to expose her breasts. His lips finally pulled away from hers. He bent his head and lowered his lips to Sarah's breasts.

Sarah watching him kissing her skin until the passion took over, her hands disappeared in his dark hair, holding him there so the feeling wouldn't stop.

He whispered sweet words of how much he loved Sarah and how happy he was between kisses.

Sarah could only respond with breathless moans to his attentions and whispered adorations. Just when she didn't think she could get much higher from his kisses alone, his lips once again came up to meet her own.

As soon as Sarah could, she took her chance, and pushed at him to sit up, then made him lean against the headboard. She pulled the straps of her nightie back up, putting it back in place as she straddled his still clothed hips.

She leaned over, said, "I love you so much," and reached in to kiss him just as sweetly as he had done earlier.
"How much?" He teased.
"This much." Sarah kissed him again, even more passionate than before.
"And what do you exactly do you love so much?" Richie continued to tease when Sarah's lips let go of his again.

Sarah sat up a little and let her hands to under his t-shirt, pushing it up to his chest.

"I love your belly." She bent down to kiss just above his belly button.
"What? All that fat?" Richie teased.
"What fat?" Sarah asked as she stroked her finger over his treasure trail.
"There's no abs." Richie pointed out.
"Who needs abs?" Sarah said as she pushed his shirt up even more, exposing his chest. "I love your chest, your pecs." She did the same as before and kissed each pectoral and licked his nipples.

Richie moved up a little to take his shirt off, then leaned back against the headboard.

Sarah stayed where she was, watching Richie, she went on and placed her hands on his shoulders and moved them up and down his arms.

"I love your arms too, cause they're so strong and when you hold me I always feel safe."
Richie smiled at hearing that as Sarah kissed both his shoulders.

Instead of pulling back, she immediately moved up to kiss and nip his chin. "I love your chin." She mumbled as she went on to his jaws, "and your jaws," and moved to his cheekbones, "and your cheeks." She moved up a little to look him in the eyes. "I love your eyes and your lips." She kissed his lips as passionately as before until regretfully pulling back and getting off of him, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants.

Richie looked at her a little confused, wondering if she was going on or if that was it.
"Turn around."
Still a little confused, Richie turned to lay on his belly.

Sarah straddled his thighs and leaned down to kiss his back. "I love your back." She said each word between kisses as she kissed down his spine.

Because she already had unbuttoned his jeans she could easily pull down his jeans and expose his ass.

Richie was trying to watch her from over his shoulder, he liked what Sarah was doing, it was a first in foreplay.

Sarah moved to sit lower, her hands on his ass. " I love your ass too." Debating with herself is she should continue or not, she bent down and nipped his skin.

Then she moved off of him again. "You can turn around again."
Richie got up and did so. "Anything else you love?"
"Maybe." Sarah sat next to him and helped him out of his jeans, then leaned down to his thighs. "I love your legs too." She said as she kissed his legs now too, down to his feet and toes. "And I love your toes."
"My toes?"
"Yeah your toes."
Richie shrugged, why not, he thought. "Anything else?"
"No, I think that's it." Sarah said as she sat down again in her first position.
"There's gotta be something else you like." Richie urged, knowing what was left.
Sarah looked pensive, teasing him some more. "Well alright, I guess I love your dick." She said as she grabbed it and held it in her hands, then bent down to kiss it. "I love how big it is."
Richie groaned as Sarah took him in her mouth, the compliment didn't hurt either.

After a few minutes Sarah pulled back and said, "and I love how it fits inside me." She moved up, lifting up her nightie a little and sliding down on his cock.

Richie groaned again, he agreed on loving how it fit inside her.

Sarah started moving up and down on him slowly, making the strokes last.

Richie reached up and pulled the straps of her nightie down, exposing her breasts so he could cup them both as she moved on him.

It only took her a few strokes to find her release that had been so close while they were kissing a while ago. She released, panting his name.

As always Richie wasn't far behind and found his own release as Sarah internal walls starts tensing around his dick, gripping him tight so he had to let go and wrap his arms around Sarah.

He held her tight for a few minutes until he could feel both their heartbeats slow down again.

Then rolled her to her side, stroking the hair out of her face, pulling the straps of her nightie back up, he slowly pulled out of her but held her close all through the night.


  1. Awww!! They are so sweet! Sweet and hot!

  2. That was beautiful! My husband should be home in an hour.... Hope I get at least half of what Sarah got! ;)