Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chapter Ten

Friday was Caleb's birthday, Sarah felt disappointed she wouldn't be able to wish him a happy birthday until later.

Instead Richie had prepared waffles for breakfast as Caleb had asked. Luckily his cooking skills had improved in the last seven years and his waffles were as great as they always were.

The entire week he had cancelled working on his record, instead Richie had spent his days with Sarah at the hospital. He only left her to pick up the kids and take them to visit until dinner time when they left Sarah alone for the night. She needed her rest.

After breakfast Richie brought everyone to school as he always did and continued his way to the hospital.
"Hey honey." Sarah said cheerful when Richie walked in.

Richie was glad to hear the cheer in her voice, she looked better too. "Hi sweetie", he went over to give her a quick kiss, "how are you?"
"Good, might be getting discharged."
That explained her cheerfulness. "Really? Have you seen your doctor?"
"Not yet but I haven't thrown up since Wednesday evening." She said even happier.
"That's good. I miss you at home."
"I miss you too. I like sleeping with you much better." She reached in to kiss him.

Everything she had eaten since Thursday had stayed down and it made Sarah feel much better and much happier, she was almost herself again.

She smiled against Richie's lips. "We're having a baby."
"I know."
"A tiny little baby. I bet it'll look like you." Sarah smiled.
"Nah, I think it'll be as cute as you."
Sarah's smile didn't fade, she was glad with the compliment. "Guess we'll have to wait 'til November then."
"Yeah seems like it."

"Knock, knock."

They both looked up to see Sarah's doctor and nurse standing in the doorway.

The doctor checked Sarah over quickly and answered the remaining questions they had.  She confirmed Sarah estimated guess of November and according to her calculations it would be November 2nd.

Sarah asked about being discharged and was told if she could hold breakfast down she could be discharged before noon.

Two hours later they were on their way home again.

At home Sarah settled on the couch with Richie. He didn't leave her side until he had to drive back to the school.

When she was finally alone Sarah got up from the couch and went to walk around the house. She had been stuck in a bed for four days and felt like she should at least do something and walking around counted as doing something.

Richie's trip went the same as it always did, it was routine.

"Aren't we going to the hospital?" Caleb asked when Richie took the way home instead of the way to the hospital.
"Not today." Richie answered, maybe it would be fun to keep it a surprise that Sarah was home.
"Why not?" Caleb asked confused.
"We can't today." After all, it would be weird to go to the hospital if Sarah wasn't there.
"What the hell?"

When they arrived at home, Noah had pitched in on complaining why they weren't going to the hospital but Richie still thought it would be more fun to surprise them.

Sarah was in the kitchen, preparing a snack for herself when she heard the front door open.

"You know how unfair that is?" She heard her oldest son say as he walked in.
"Is it? I think it's pointless to go to the hospital right now." Richie said.
"How can you say that?" Sarah thought she could hear hurt sound through Caleb's voice and made her way closer to the hallway.
"Because I'm right here." Sarah decided to fix his problem.
Caleb looked at his mom, then annoyed, looked back at Richie. "Very funny."
Sarah pulled him closer. "Aw honey, it was a surprise. Happy birthday."
"Thanks mom." Caleb reached in to hug.

For dinner they went to Sarah her mother's house. That way Abbey could celebrate her oldest grandson's 17th birthday too.

Abbey had prepared a lovely meal for all of them and promised dessert in a few minutes as she started cleaning up the kitchen.

Richie stacked the plates and brought them over to the dishwasher before Abbey had the time to get up.
"You got yourself a good man." She smiled at Sarah as she slowly got up to help Richie put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

It was noticeable that Sarah was much happier again, Abbey thought she'd ask about it later. First Caleb would get his birthday cake and presents.

Everyone moved to the living room while Richie continued to help Abbey clean up the kitchen and get the cake ready.

Abbey opened the door to the living room so Richie could carry the cake to the coffee table and put it down.

Caleb leaned over from where he was sitting in the couch and looked at his cake.

"Grandma, that's amazing!" He said amazed looking down at a guitar shaped cake with 17 candles covering it.

After having a piece of cake, Caleb started opening the presents he had been given. Noah's gift was fairly small but when Caleb unwrapped it he found guitar picks and new guitar strings. Ava's present was even smaller than Noah's and he wondered what could be even smaller, when he unwrapped it he found a small guitar shaped memory stick.

Next he unwrapped the present he got from his grandmother, a lot bigger than the two he had just opened, a shoulder bag with a print of a guitar on, he instantly wondered if all his school books would fit in it.

When he picked up Sarah's present it was immediately the last present too, which was a little disappointing but the book that he found made it much better again, sheet music of the best 500 rocks songs.

Before Caleb could ask, Richie told him he would get his last present at home, Richie had decided to keep it safe at home just a little longer.

As Caleb started leafing through his book Abbey moved closer to Sarah and whispered, "Are you pregnant?"
Sarah was completely surprised, she hadn't told her mom yet, they were going to wait with telling everyone but if her mom knew... "Why do you think that?"
"You just look happier, more relaxed and pregnant."
"I look pregnant? How does somebody look pregnant?"
"You just do. Are you?"
"It's a little early on but-"
"Aw honey." Abbey gave her daughter a hug. "I'm very happy for you, both of you."


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