Friday, June 7, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Eight

23 weeks

Only a few days later the whole family celebrated the fourth of July.

The five of them stayed at home, watching the fireworks outside after having barbecued and spending a nice family day.

It was very easy for Richie to remember their first fourth of July together, only a year ago. It had been the evening he decided he was going to marry Sarah. They had been on the beach and Sarah had told him she dreamt of getting married on the beach, at that moment Richie knew he was going to marry Sarah and that their wedding would be on the beach.

He smiled at the memory and was glad that their wedding had gone exactly like that.

Only a year later and their life was entirely different. Sarah was 23 weeks pregnant, something they were both very happy with but not everything wasn't as they had planned. They were close to a lawsuit, that Sarah still had to talk to her sons about.

Richie eased himself in a lounge chair next to Sarah.

"How's Sammy enjoying the fireworks?" He asked as another one exploded in the air.
"I'm not sure, lots of kicking." Sarah said, really not knowing if Sammy was liking or disliking the sounds.
"Oh?" Richie asked curiously and reached over to put his hand on Sarah's belly. He felt a kick instantly. "It's alright Sammy. Just some fireworks, you're safe."
Sarah smiled at her husband's sweetness.

In only three days Richie had to leave. She was used to Richie traveling, but since they had gotten married, he had only traveled to New York to visit with Jon, write and compose music. This time he was going to perform, twice, it had been a while since he had performed and during the month, Richie had a few concerts to play.

After the fireworks Sarah and Richie went to bed, knowing the kids might stay up a little longer or finally go to bed too, it was summer, they were old enough and they didn't see the need to tell them when they needed to go to bed.

As pregnant as she was, a baby bump very visible now, Sarah still wore the same kind of nightwear, revealing, short nighties. Richie still thought it was very hot.

As soon as Richie got in bed, wearing his usual nothing, he moved close to Sarah, wrapping his arms around her, once again very happy he had her.

He bent his head and captured Sarah's lips, "love you." He said when they pulled apart.
"I love you too." Sarah said but reached back in to kiss him again.

Gently she pushed Richie to his back as they kissed, making him lay down, she cuddled to his side. Her hand on his chest, roamed his skin and went through his chest hair. Her kisses tore away from his soft lips and kissed his scruffy cheek.

Meanwhile, Richie was enjoying every touch Sarah made. She moved on to kiss his neck, her lips so soft that he wanted to ask her to wrap them around something else. Her hand on his chest, playing with his nipples, she moved to straddle him.

He smiled up at here. "Hello there."
Sarah grinned at him and reached behind her, wrapping her hand around Richie's cock. "Hello to you."

After a few strokes, Sarah bent forward and went back to loving his chest. She pressed her lips against his skin, softly kissing him, finding her way to his nipples to lick.

She finally pulled back when she realized Richie was pushing her nightgown up, trying to get it off.

"Trying to hint something?" She asked, not yet moving up so he could take it off for her.
"Since when are you a tease?"
"Gotta try something new once in a while." Sarah smiled and sat up.

All too happy, Richie pulled up her gown and dropped it next to him on the bed, his hands moving up to her breasts right away. He had noticed them getting bigger the last few weeks. Even though he liked Sarah's breasts the way they were, he wasn't opposed to their size right now either.

Being poked in the back, Sarah reached behind her and lifted her hips to guide Richie inside her.

A long sigh escaped her as she slid down him until he was entire inside her, he moaned.

Involuntarily, Richie bucked and made Sarah gasp.

Slowly Sarah got into a rhythm of moving over him. Richie's hands still on her breasts and his thumbs teasing her nipples, made her climax approach faster.

Richie watched every movement she made, Sarah looked gorgeous when she was turned on and about to climax. Her motions on top of him became faster and Sarah braced herself with her hands on his chest.

"Richie, I'm gonna... Oooh God."

Sarah felt Richie squeeze her breasts a last time as she climaxed, then he wrapped his arms around her, held her close and rolled over with her. She was still recovering from her orgasm when Richie straightened above her, braced on his hands, he started driving inside her.

Watching Sarah orgasm had always been his personal turn on. The way her face contorted, how her eyes misted over, everything she did. He thrusted fast and hard, he needed to come but not without Sarah.

With her hands above her head, Sarah braced herself so her head wouldn't bang the headboard with every thrust Richie was making.

"Oh God, Richie, right there." She encouraged him, not caring how loud they were being at the moment. It felt so incredibly good. "Yes! More!"

Sarah's back arched as she reached her second climax in only a few minutes.

Richie stilled as he emptied his seed inside her.

A few seconds he tried to catch his breath, watching Sarah below him. Finally, he laid down on top of her and kissed her again.

"God." He sighed.
"That was so good." Sarah said, completely satisfied.

Carefully, Richie rested his head on Sarah's shoulder, still trying to relax again.

"Honey?" Sarah asked when she knew they were both falling asleep. "I don't want you to move but Sammy wants some space."

Richie kissed her cheek and smiled at Sarah before rolling off and pulling Sarah against him so they could still cuddle.