Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Nine

25 weeks

A week later, Richie was home again. The concert had been amazing but he had also missed his wife and family. He was happy to be cuddled up on the couch with Sarah right now. It was Tuesday and Sarah was home all day, tomorrow she'd have to work but today he could spend with her alone. Ava was at her mom's house and Caleb and Noah were both at the beach.

It would have been nice to go to the beach with Sarah but they were comfy on the couch and he didn't want to ruin the moment they were sharing.

The last few weeks had been a little rough and for now everything was okay. While he was away Sarah had talked to her sons about the lawsuit, having told them what was going to happen and that they didn't need to worry about. She wasn't sure yet if she wanted Noah to testify or even ask Caleb if he knew about anything. It was still a difficult subject that Sarah rather avoided than having to face it.

In thought, Richie rubbed Sarah's belly. She was getting bigger, it was definitely obvious that she was pregnant, Sammy was growing a lot. At times he felt so excited to finally be a daddy again that he had to remind himself that it was still four months before Sammy would be born. He couldn't wait to finally see his child, to hold it and hug it. To love it.

Sammy would change his life even more, by the time Sammy would be born, he would be done with his solo record and then he would have time to stay home. Sure he was working on the Bon Jovi album with Jon but that was still miles away, by the time that would be done and he would have to go back on the road, Sammy would almost be a year old.

Except, Sammy wouldn't be Sammy, it was only a temporary name. After the birth the baby would get another name but to decide on a name they would have to know the sex. So far Richie didn't really have any idea what to name their child and as far as he knew, Sarah didn't either. They hadn't paid much thought to that yet. There was still a lot of time for it.

"I've been thinking while you were gone." Sarah said, holding her arm around Richie a little tighter and the arm she was leaning on, feeling asleep.
"About the lawsuit?" Richie asked.
"Yeah. I told Noah and Caleb about the lawsuit and that I need to testify but I didn't mention that they might have too."
"They don't have to, it just might help if they need more proof." Richie clarified.
"I know, but if there's more proof, there's more chance of Jonathan to go to jail and he needs to go jail." Sarah said strongly, he had to go to jail and she would be part of making him go to jail.
"He will, even without the boys having to testify. You could suggest it to them, they're old enough to make their own decision in fact."
Sarah nodded. "That would be a good idea. I feel so bad about this."
"The lawsuit?" Richie asked.
"Partly but I meant, knowing that the boys did suffer. I always thought it wasn't so bad because it was only me, I never thought that they heard any of it. I didn't know they suffered, they were just little boys, they didn't deserve that."
Richie hugged her tighter. "If they remember anything, it won't be much, they were little. Noah said he didn't remember much, just snippets." He tried to comfort her.

Softly, Sarah nodded again, hoping that it was true and that the boys didn't remember much. As Richie said, they were little, they were very young back then and maybe they really didn't remember much. Hopefully they had processed everything on their own.

She knew she still needed to talk to them later, maybe when they had a clearer date for when the case would be. She didn't want them to go through more than they needed.

The doorbell disrupter her thoughts and Richie got up from the couch to answer the gate.

A few minutes later Richie walked back into the room with a big, brown box and sat down next to Sarah again.

"What's that?" She asked when she noticed the box.
"I have no idea but it's from Jon and Dorothea." He said, tearing off the tape and opening the box.

Sarah watched him as he got a few books out.

"Books?" She asked confused.

Richie opened it and leafed through it, then handed it to Sarah, who also leafed through it but looking more at the pages than Richie had. Every page had another number of weeks, a pregnancy book where she could write all about Sammy and her pregnancy.

"Dorothea sent this?" Sarah asked, wanting to see what else was in the box.
"Yeah. Look at this." Richie said, pulling out a t-shirt.

Sarah took it to have a look at it as Richie held it up, at the bottom, it had a headphone with music notes. If Sarah would wear it, it would seem as if the bump was listening to music. She liked it a lot.

Richie pulled out the next tshirt, it was the same kind but this one read "daddy did it".

"Isn't that lovely?" Richie said sarcastic. "They blame me."
Sarah chuckled and checked the box for anything else. "I blame you too." She cuddled closer to his side. "But not in a bad way. Wanna go see if this fits?" Sarah asked suggestively as she got up from the couch and pulled him up with her, heading for the bedroom.


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    As much as I want Jonathon to go to prison for what he did to Sarah, I hope the boys don't have to testify against their father. I think that would do more harm than good.

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