Monday, July 22, 2013

Chapter Thirty-seven

31 weeks

"Honey?" Richie walked out of office, excited about what he had just learned, he needed to tell Sarah. He walked through the house and finally found her in the living room. "Honey?" He asked again to get a reaction.

Sarah looked up to him from the couch. "Hey, everything alright?"
"More than alright." He said happily and moved to sit with her. "You know the show in Amsterdam I planned?"
"It's already sold out and the German shows are doing so well, tomorrow we're announcing the show in London. I have to set up another one in Amsterdam. Can't believe how fast that already sold out." He said excited.
"All sold out? All of it?" Sarah asked.
"Yeah, isn't that awesome?"
"It is... But if you plan another show, does that mean you have to leave earlier." She asked, her husband was going to be gone for almost a month, she didn't want him to leave earlier and be away from her even longer.
Richie shrugged. "Depends on when there's nothing booked at the same venue. Got a few days before the show in Germany so hopefully it'll fit in there."
"It will, you'll figure it out. I'm so happy for you." Sarah reached over to give him a hug, then tilted her head to kiss him tenderly. "Too bad I can't go with you."
"I know, I'm sorry but I'm gonna do some shows around here too and then we can drive there together and you'll get to watch me. Alone." He said proud of himself.

Finally he was doing another solo, proving how good his own music could be. How good he could be as the front man without anybody's help.

Sarah looked up at him, locking their eyes. "I'm really glad you dyed your hair back."
"You're not the only one." He chuckled. "I got so many tweets about that."
"Twitter. What do you do on that Twitter?"
"Not much, just say what I've been doing, like how my day was and stuff." Richie shrugged.
"And people find you interesting?" She teased.
He pouted, teasing her back. "My fans do."

Sarah couldn't resist that and reached over to kiss him again, this time with more passion. She was glad to see her husband so excited and happy. He really deserved this after all the hard work he had done during the last year. She was sad he would have to leave her but he had to do this and she granted him that.

"There's just one thing we need to do before I go on tour."
Sarah looked at him confused. Ava's birthday was right before he left but why would he mention that? "What?"
"See your doctor again. I want a new picture of Sammy so I can take it with me."
"Oh." Sarah nodded. "I think we can do that."
"And we still don't know the sex." Richie pointed out.
"You do."
"Me, is not we." He pointed out cleverly again. "So do we have names yet?"
With everything that had been going on lately Sarah really hadn't put time in thinking of names yet. "No, we don't."

Looking around the living room, Richie spotted his iPad and got up to retrieve it, he turned it on as he sat down and went online.

"Let's see what the internet says about names." He held his arm open for Sarah to settle against him.

He searched a few webites and came up with lists of the most popular names of the last year.

"Most used for a girl, Sophia and for a boy, Aiden."
"I don't like either, they need more meaning." Sarah said, a name needed to fit the person.
"What do you mean with meaning? I can look up what they mean."  He already started searching another page.
"Like Caleb means whole hearted and Noah means peace or rest. At the time that were very important things for me and that's why I picked them out."
"Sophia means wisdom. Aiden means little fire. Lets not use that, that might mean trouble when he's older."
Sarah chuckled. "We still have time to figure something out."

They continued their search online and pointed out a few more names that they might like to use but nothing really stuck to be sure of. Sarah still didn't know what sex the baby would have and Richie was keeping the secret all to himself, even Ava and Caleb didn't get to know.

"You know what." Richie thought out loud after few minutes.
"What?" Sarah wondered what name suggestion he had next, he had already suggested a few names that she had to turn down.
"We're all alone."
"We should do something more fun." He said as he turned off the iPad and put it away.

He pulled his arm back from Sarah, who was confused about what he was doing. He stood up and picked her up and started walking towards the stairs.

"Something more fun?" Sarah asked.

Richie carried her up to the bedroom where he gently put her down on the bed and crawled up next to her.

"Much more fun."
"We already have a baby, you can't make another one." Sarah teased.
"Still need to practice for later."
A little surprised she looked up at him. "Later? We're having more children after this one?" She hadn't even thought of that but it seemed like Richie had.
"We can talk about that later." He ignored the question and bent down to kiss her.

The last month their sex life hadn't been much but with the trial finally over, he had noticed Sarah was in the mood for it a lot more than during the summer. If it was because of the trial or hormones, he didn't care, as long as he got to kiss his beautiful wife and pleasure her all through the night, he'd be happy.

Her lips tasted as sweet as they always did, he could never get enough of it and by the sound of her moans, Sarah couldn't either.