Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Chapter Thirty-six

A/N I seriously hope I did enough research on all these crimes and if not, it's fan fiction.

30 weeks

That same morning they sat in the same small court room.

Jonathan was already there, still in a blue prison suit with his hands cuffed together, two officers standing close to him.

Sarah was holding Richie's hand thightly, she was scared and nervous. Richie could feel it, his knuckles were turning white but he wasn't going to let Sarah take her hand away and continued to squeeze back, although he didn't do it as thightly as Sarah was.

The boys were quiet, nobody had talked much during breakfast or the drive to the court house. They had met up with Mr. Slone and he once again assured them that everything would work out as they had planned it. Sarah hoped so, if not, she had no idea what else could happen, things could only get worse.

"All rise."

They all stood up as the judge walked into the room and sat down, overlooking all off them. He had a stern look on his face, which was set so it seemed like it was how he always looked at people.

Just like last time Sarah found it hard to look up and pay attention to everyone that was talking, the words were difficult to understand and she had to remember to stay relaxed. Richie had done everything to keep the trip relaxed, even vitising her family that lived 6 hours ago. For that, she was glad they had made this trip. The lawsuit was just a down in it but very soon that would be over too.

She squeezed Richie's hand again when the judge started talking, she tried to look down at her feet but her view was obscured by her large belly. Sammy had definitely grown over the last few weeks.

"To start with, the prosecutor changed the charges."

At that Sarah's head shot up, noticing that everyone else did the same.

"What does that mean?" Sarah asked worriedly.
"I have no idea." Richie confessed but it didn't sound like anything good.

There wasn't much time to keep wondering about what was happening and why the charges had changed, the judge continued talking.

"The prosecutor charges Jonathan Gibson with assault that obstained life-threatening injury, spousal abouse, marital rape, child abuse and failing to support children." The judge continued.

"That's good." Richie whispered.
Sarah only nodded shortly.

"For assault obtaining life-threatening injury, the maximum sentence of 20 years imprisonment."

Richie could feel Sarah's hand loosen around his. Twent years was good but there was more to come.

"For spousal abuse against Sarah Sambora, maximum sentence of 5 years imprisonment. Spousal abuse against against Nicole Smith, 4 years of imprisonment."

"Twenty-nine." Caleb whispered quickly.

"For marital rape against Sarah Sambora, sentence of 8 years imprisonment. Marital rape against Nicole Smith 6 years imprisonment."

"Forty-two." Noah wispered too.

"Child abuse of two children, sentence of 8 years combined."

"Fifty, that's as good as life." Caleb whispered again.

"Failing to support two children through paying alimony for 12 years, maximum sentence of 10 years."

"Sixty." They both whispered again, sounding excited.

Sarah couldn't believe what she heard, she was too amazed to listen what else the judge had said. A total of 60 years in prison. If Jonathan ever was going to be a free man again, he would be 107 years old. She smiled at how unlikely that was.

Jonathan's lawyer tried to put a good word in, lower the sentence but the judge wouldn't budge and ended the case.

At the sound of gavel, Sarah looked up again, as they judge rose from their seat they all had to stand up again.

After the judge had gone Richie turned to leave but Sarah hadn't moved, she was watching Jonathan get up. Noah and Caleb waited next to Richie too, he looked over and noticed they were watching their biological father too.

"Are you alright?" He asked carefully.

Sarah nodded, she needed to see this for herself.

The officers escorted Jonathan through the room, passing by them.

"I'm not done with you yet." Jonathan said, directing it to the two boys. "I demand a DNA test!" He said loudly as the officers pushed him away.
"You do that pal." Richie put a protective arm around both teenage boys standing next to him, watching Jonathan and everyone else leave the room.

A minute later they were the only people left in the courtroom along with their lawyer.

"Can he really do that?" Sarah asked.
"He could but I doubt he'll have the resources to do that in jail. Congradulations, we won the trial." Mr. Slone said as he extended a hand to Sarah.
Sarah shook it with a smile.

They said their goodbyes and thank you's outside, infront of the large building. Mr. Slone wished them all the best and returned inside.

Finally Sarah turned to her husband and wrapped her arms around his neck. The happiness she felt was unlike any other feeling of joy. The main reason of all her worries was gone, locked up for good. She could finally continue her life with her family.

All she wanted right now was to finally go home again.

So excited, she pulled out of the hug and kissed him deeply. Not caring who might see them and how indecent it might look. She was happy and she didn't care about anybody else right now.

When she finally straightened up,  Noah and Caleb were still busy with their phones.

Richie knew he couldn't possibly know how happy Sarah was at this moment, he just knew how happy he was about this turn out. Knowing that Sarah's bright smile was finally back, was all the happiness he really needed.

Once in the car back to the hotel, Sarah completely relaxed and rested her head on Richie's shoulder. Right now she didn't ever want to let him go. He had supported her through the last few months, she now wanted to share her happiness with him.


  1. Richie, adopt the boys! Give them your last name, they already have your love and support! More than their biological father ever gave them!
    Jonathan, hope your cell mate is a 400 lb guy named Bubba, and you'll be his bitch for a long time!

  2. Good riddance Jonathon. May the next 60 years of your life in prison hold the same fear and torment that you inflicted on Sarah, your sons, and the new wife.

  3. Thank God that Jonathan will be in prison for the rest of his life! Sarah is so happy. And if Sarah is happy Richie will be happy too.

  4. Amen Bayaderra!! so happy for them :) They're so cute xx