Thursday, December 19, 2013

Chapter Fifty-eight

A month later Richie was playing at the Craig Ferguson show for an entire week. He often watched it at home but now he could really make part of it.

It was the most fun he had had in a while except for not being home with his baby son. Daniel had grown a lot in the last month but he still saw him during the rest of the dag.

The baby still hadn't grown used to Joan and continued to cry whenever she picked him up. By now it was starting to worry them all. The same happened when friends came around and wanted to hold the baby.

Arriving home later after the show, Richie went straight up to Daniel'd bedroom but found the little bed empty in the dark room.

Turning around, he walked back to his own bedroom. Sarah must have taken him to eat not so long ago.

It was one of his favorite things to see, his wife and son together.

He walked into the room quietly. The lights were all turned off except for a small table lamp.

Sarah was laying down in bed, snuggled into the sheets.

Because she didn't react, Richie figured she was asleep already and started undressing for bed.

As he sat down on the bed, Sarah looked up at him.

"Thought you were sleeping?" Richie asked, wondering.
"I was. Thought it might have been Daniel who moved. He just wouldn't sleep earlier."
Richie frowned as he moved closer. "He didn't? Why not?"
"I don't know but I finally turned on the show and you were playing, that's when he started to calm down. He must have regocnized your voice on tv."
Richie smiled, looking down at his little boy laying in between them. "He must have."
"He fell asleep when the show finished."
"That's so sweet." He reached out to stroke Daniel's blond hairs. "Should take him to his own bed though."
Sarah agreed. "You can take him then."

Richie sat up and carefully picked up his boy. Daniel stirred but didn't wake up as he was carried to his own bed to sleep.

As a good father, Richie made sure he was tucked in and his stuffed animals were sitting on the edge, far enough from Daniel's head. That way Daniel had enough breathing space.

The small light on the cupboard was left on. As Richie walked out of the room, he left the door open so they could hear Daniel even though the baby monitor would make sure of that too.

Quietly, Richie got back in bed with his wife.

"Tired?" He asked gently.
Sarah moved closer to him, laying her hand on his bare chest as she looked up at him. "Maybe."
"Maybe?" The answer was too unclear for him.
"Maybe not." Sarah said, moving her hand lower over his chest and belly.
"Really?" He asked his third question unsure.

They hadn't been intimite since before Daniel was born. Thinking back quickly, he was sure it had at least been 3 months ago. If Sarah was ready, he definitely wasn't complaining.

When he felt Sarah's hand go inside his boxers, he knew she was sure.

He reached over to kiss his wife, then pulled her closer against him as they shared a romantic kiss.

"Missed you." He said, pulling up the sheets to move even closer and take a good look at his wife.
"Tell me about it." Sarah said as she reached in to kiss again.

Soon their minimul clothes had gone scattered to the floor.

His wife looked just as beautiful as she always had, making him very eager. He held her close as they shared another sweet kiss.

After three months of nothing, Richie was ready to burst but he was going to make it worth a three month wait for both of them.

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  1. Let's hope Daniel doesn't wake up while Richie and Sarah are making love. Lol, babies have a tendancy to do that sometimes.
    Now why is baby Sambora crying when his grandma Joan picks him up?