Thursday, December 26, 2013

Chapter Fifty-nine

On Christmas day, Daniel was the first to wake up which resulted in Richie and Sarah waking up earlier than they had expected too.

With a sigh, Sarah turned to face her husband. "Morning." She said, looking up into his eyes.
"Morning dear." He reached in for a soft kiss. "Merry Christmas."
Sarah smiled. "Merry Christmas to you too honey."

As they shared another kiss, Daniel made himself heard again.

"Better go get him." Sarah said, pulling away from Richie.

In the bedroom, she first reached down into the crib to sooth Daniel before picking him up. She laid his head on her shoulder and stroked his back gently so he would know she was there for him.

When he had quieted down, she held him up and looked at him. He looked as adorable as ever.

She changed his diaper and dressed him in his Christmas outfit. It was still early but at least he'd be dressed then. After she had put him his red socks with white snowflakes on, Sarah picked up her son and walked back to her bedroom.

"Morning." Richie sat up and held the sheets up for Sarah.
She gently laid Daniel between them.
"That's cute. Baby's first Christmas." He read the text on Daniel's shirt, seeing the Christmas tree print underneath it.
"I got it last week, thought it would be cute."
"Very cute." Richie agreed.
"It'll be cute until he drooled all over it."
"He's growing a lot." Richie agreed again. "His blue eyes have even gone."
Sarah smiled, looking at her son's bright eyes. "Knew he'd have your eyes."

Two hours later, the whole family sat in the living room. Daniel's shirt had been covered up by a seasonal bib and three teenagers sat waiting for the go sign to unwrap their presents.

A large christmas tree stood decorated by the window. This year a new ornament had been added. Each child had their own letter as an ornament in the tree. Daniel got his very own to add this year.

"Because it's Daniel's first Christmas. He should have his presents first." Richie decided for all of them and secretly teasing the older children.
"Mine first!" Ava said excitedly, hurrying over to the Christmas tree and picking out a red wrapped gift with a big bow.

In the end Daniel had a bunch of new toys, clothes and stuffed animals.

Afterwards, they all exchanged their own gifts with each other.

Joan had the joy of celebrating Christmas morning with all her grandchildren.

For lunch, Abbey joined the family too. Altogether they had a large lunch together in the dining room.

Afterwards, Daniel took a nap in his bed upstairs.

The rest of the afternoon was spend by enjoying their presents.

Richie loved seeing his family so happy. His mother here with them for Daniel's first Christmas, made it even better. His daughter was happy with every gift she got. She was always happy with everything she got, even the smallest thing. He was glad to know that his sons were exactly the same.

Quietly, he got up from the couch.

Sarah looked up at him questiongly but Richie only smiled. The smile told her everything as he went upstairs. She watched her family, just like Richie had.

A few minutes later, he returned with a brown manila file. He cleared his throat so everyone looked at him. He showed the file, trying to find words.

"I think this is the perfect moment to share this information."

Everyone frowned him.

Richie shook his head and took out two pieces of paper and handed one to Noah and the other to Caleb.

Ava couldn't wait another minute and looked over Noah's shoulder as he read it.

"Birth certificates?" Ava asked confused.
"Yeah." Richie smiled as he sat down with Sarah again. "Amended birth certificates." He clarified.

The boys weren't his stepchildren anymore, they were officially his children now.

Both boys didn't know what to say at the moment but everyone felt the same thing. Their family was finally complete in an official way.


  1. What a perfect time for the announcement!
    But I think Daniel needs a younger sister!

  2. Sounds like Daniel had a great first Christmas with his family. Bringing out the amended birth certificates after the kids were done opening their gifts was perfect.

  3. perfect Christmas present