Friday, February 7, 2014

Chapter Seventy-three

The hot sun was shining on his skin. He could feel the heat penetrate his skin, heating it up and bronzing it.

He could hear his wife chuckling and his son laughing. Slowly he opened his eyes and looked over the beach until he spotted them.

Sarah was sitting on the beach with Daniel between her open legs. They weren't in the water but with every wave the water would come up to Daniel's feet, which made him laugh his adorable laugh.

She looked happy playing with Daniel and for now he wanted to just watch. Sarah still looked gorgeous in her bikini. She always looked gorgeous, that's why he couldn't keep his eyes off or her and why he was so happy to just watch her. He loved how her body swayed as she moved.

He watched her get up, pick Daniel up and walk over to him.

As Sarah came back, Richie sat up in his lounge chair, wanting to hold his son.

Sarah passed Daniel over and Richie sat him in his lap.

"He's so big." He was amazed every time he held his son.
Sarah smiled at him as she sat down. "He's really growing."

Richie turned him around to look at him. The boy was cute, even in his swimming outfit. Match swimshorts and shirt and a hat to protect him from the sun.

"We should probably go back to the house soon. He'll be hungry and then he needs to nap." Sarah suggested. "His cold is getting better but don't want to make it worse by messing up his schedule."

They had been on the beach all morning so Richie didn't mind going back to their beach house. Being out in the sun wasn't so healthy for Daniel anyway. Soon the sun would be even warmer and sunburn would be even more possible.

Quickly he scanned the beach for the other children. They could stay longer if they wanted but they should be informed before they left.

He easily spotted Ava and her friend. More difficult was getting their attention. There was too much noise and distance for them to hear so they decided on the frantic wave until Ava noticed.

A little while later they were back at the beach house. Richie took Daniel as Sarah went to make lunch.

Carrying Daniel, he walked passed the family room, noticing Noah still on the couch where they had left him in the morning. Instead of going upstairs to change, he went to join his son.

"Everything okay?" He asked, again holding Daniel in his lap.
Noah looked up after a few seconds. "Yeah, fine."
"You didn't go to the beach."
He looked out of the large window with ocean view. "No."
"Why not?"
Noah shrugged. "Not really my kind of thing."
"Why didn't you go with Caleb then? You like surfing."
He shrugged again. "Caleb doesn't like when I tag along all the time. It's fine, found a marathon on TV."
"Why don't you take a book to the beach tomorrow?" Richie suggested. "Looking pale, no one will believe you went to Hawaii."
"Who?" Noah asked confused.
"I don't know, your friends, kids in your class."
Noah frowned at him, even more confused. "I don't have friends."
"So come to the beach with me tomorrow then." Richie tried again. "We can go surfing."
Noah shrugged.
"Your mom's making lunch if you want something to eat." Richie gave up and got up with Daniel, continuing his way upstairs.

Daniel was changed quickly and only a little while later the struggle of solid foods started again. The small boy definitely was not a fan.

After lunch, Richie got to spend more time with Daniel. His whole time off of work, Daniel had been his focus.

Taking him back upstairs, to the only room with a baby crib and changing table, he gently laid him down, changed his diaper and picked him up again to hug.

He had no idea how he was going to leave his son again next week.

They had a few more days to spend in Hawaii, just like the days before, he was goig to make the best of it. The rest of the day he'd spend with Daniel and tomorrow he was going surfing with Noah.


  1. Poor Noah feels left out. Maybe Richie should spend some quality one on one time with Noah as well.

  2. I want to go surfing with Richie :)