Sunday, February 2, 2014

Chapter Seventy-one

A few days later, his two day trip home proved to not be beneficial for him. Now more than ever he missed home. Those two days had showed him how wonderful being at home was and tody he realized how far away he was from that.

Trying to get distracted, he turned on the radio in his quiet hotel room. Some music would easily cheer up his mood, music always did that and if it didn't, at least it wasn't so quiet.

Sitting down on the bed, a gentle tune started playing. He thought right, it was relaxing.

I'm sending this letter
I'll mail it today
There's so many things I've been wanting to say
Your mom sent some pictures
And my how you've grown
Rock n roll fathers are never at home

The relaxing mood was gone as his mind started realizing the truth in the song. He wanted to tell them all about his day, his shows, how great everything was. Just like the singer's wife, Sarah also sent daily pictures or tried to and Daniel had grown in every single picture. It was true, he was never at home. Right now he hadn't missed that much but looking to the rest of the tour... He wouldn't be home.

I'm writing this letter
I made you a song
I promised your mom that I'd write while I'm gone
You say daddy come home
Well you'll just have to wait
I hope when I get there that it won't be too late

The way Ava used to ask him when he was going to be home for her. The last line touched him most, he hoped he wasn't too late for Ava.

Skylar I just missed your first step today
I have no excuses and nothing to say
I live on a bus with a rock n roll band
I hope when your older that you'll understand

He chuckled, glad he wasn't on a tour bus anymore. With Ava in mind, he was glad that she understood, even at a young age she had already understood. Would Daniel? Did he want to risk missing Daniel's first step in a couple of months?

I'm coming home soon
This tour's almost through
I promise I'll try to spend more time with you
You say daddy come home
You'll just have to wait
I hope when I get there that it won't be too late

Soon, only a few more days. He'll be there for Ava and spend more time with her. Every day she was home, until he figured out what to do.

Now Madison Blue you know I love you too
Not a single day passes that I don't think of you
I'm running on empty and a mountain so high
I can pull out your pictures and look in your eyes

The lyrics reminded him of the photobook in his suitcase. Photos of his family, school pictures, Daniel's first picture. They were all with him.

I long for the day when your old man comes home
It kills me to hear you say daddy don't go
You say daddy come home
You'll just have to wait
I hope when I get there that it won't be too late

He could surive another two days. Two days wasn't much, very soon he'd be home.

Daddy's at work now he's trying to pay bills
Ego's and assholes are part of my deal
I make some money and I have some fun
The tax man he cometh and I'm back to square one

The song made him laugh unlike the rest had. Again they were very true, it was an endless circle. Even if this tour was after, he'd be going back on tour when the next album came out, although he could wait for that. Some time off, is what he needed.

Don't worry 'bout your daddy
You girls be good
Give a kiss to your mother
I sure wish I could
This life has it's moments
I'm not always sad
Take care and I love you
Your rock n roll dad

In a flash, he picked up the phone and called home immediately.


  1. I like the song it has a lot of truth in it towards musicians and their families. Richie is getting closer to making a decision about the tour. A decision he hasn't even realized he is thinking about.

  2. Nice chapter. What's the song called and who's it by??

    1. I included a video. Uncle Kracker, song is called Letter To My Daughters