Friday, January 31, 2014

Chapter Seventy

The next day Richie had mixed feelings about being home for a few days.

Mostly because he needed to leave again. He'd rather stay home with his family at the moment. Daniel's doctor appointment had gone smoothly which was reassuring to Sarah. What made him furios was why Ava wasn't staying at her mother's house. He didn't mind she was staying with him but would have liked it like that in a happier way.

After talking to Ava, he had to talk to Heather too. There was no way around that. Ava wasn't going to do it so it became his responsibily. Having promised Ava not to tell the reason, made it hard to explain to Heather why her daughter didn't want to come home but in the end Heather agreed. Ava would stay at home with Sarah until he got back from the tour next week. Only a week left in the tour and they'd have a break.

Other than that he arranged their trip to Hawaii. Daniel would be old enough to play in the water. Toys. They needed toys for him before they left.

He spent the entire day with Daniel, teenagers were at school and Sarah was resting as he had told her to. She deserved a little time off and he simply wanted time with Daniel.

He was having great fun, simply playing peek-a-boo with Daniel but the baby boy wasn't as excited or just wasn't interested.

Then he remembered everything Sarah had told him. Putting Daniel in his playpen so he was safe, Richie quickly left the room.

Once he returned with his guitar and put it down safely, he looked at his baby boy and noticed a cat curled up right next to him while Daniel was trying to move around, the cat didn't mind. Thinking about Daniel's safety, he picked up the cat, stroked it's back and put it down on the floor. It looked at him with a questioning gaze and walked away.

Daniel was still moving around. It was great to see his son roll over to his belly, back to his back seemed more difficult. He was making so much progess. It sucked that he hadn't seen him do it the first time. He wanted to see his son reach all his milestones, rather than hearing about them over the phone.

He sat Daniel down in his chair and sat down on the couch with his guitar. Sarah had said that Daniel liked music, so why not give it a try. He strummed a cord and Daniel looked over at him immediately. The tone had caught his attention.

As he continued to play, the change in Daniel became obvious. He loved it.

So amazed that a baby could enjoy music that much, he continued playing.

Sure, he had hoped one of his children would inherit his love for music but didn't think it would be at such a young age. Ava wasn't interested until she was five or six. Daniel wasn't even close to that. Amazing.

Softly Sarah tapped on the door frame, making Richie looked up at her with a smile.

"He loves it." He said as happily as he was amazed.
Sarah smiled back, happy to see him so happy. "I know. He likes when you dance with him too."
Richie looked back at Daniel. "Does he?"
"Yeah, I put on a nice calm song, hold him and just move around like slow dancing." She explained as she sat down next to her husband. "It relaxes him that way."
"I didn't know he liked it this much."
"Maybe you'll get to teach him to play guitar in a few years."
"Oh yes." Richie said excited. "I can get him one of those little guitars, that'd be the perfect size. Then he could really learn to play. He would love that so much."
"Honey, he's hardly five months old. It'll be a while."
Richie smiled. "I know. I can't wait for that part."

He continued his fatherly duties throughout the day, feeding Daniel, getting him to sleep for naps and playing with him.

It wasn't comparable with what he did on stage because it were two very different things, but it made him just as happy.

In the evening he did ask for Sarah's help. Daniel needed a bath and he wasn't so sure if he could do that on his own.

After getting Daniel to sleep, he dedicated his evening to his other children. Noticing how all of them were growing up too fast but Ava most of all. Now even more than ever, he realized how his little girl wasn't so little anymore or at all.

Once in bed, he snuggled close to Sarah, not believing he had to leave her again the next day, he kissed her lips softly but soon got distracted by the rest of her body. He had missed every inch of her beauty.

His lips covered almost every inch of skin he could kiss while he travelled down to her chest, wrapping his lips around a nipple and gently sucking it.

Sarah gasped in delight as he did and her fingers disappeared into his hair, holding him there.

Richie only moved to get to her other breast, his hand cupping the one he had just left, making sure it would still get attention, he played with her nipple so it stood erect the entire time.

Soon enough he could feel something else starting to stand erect too, lying so close to Sarah he was sure she could feel it too.

Richie was right and Sarah's hand snaked down between them, wrapping around his semi-hard cock, playing him until he stood up straight.

"I love you." He said as he rolled her to her back and moved above her, getting in place.
"I love you too."

With that he carefully moved inside her until he was fully within her walls, already she tensed around him. He thrusted slowly, feeling her tremble with every stroke he made.

Sarah tried to keep it off, with him an orgasm felt even better, she wanted to go at the same time as Richie did. She held his shoulders and pulled him down on top of her, kissing him passionately, not wanting it to end again.

Richie's thrusts sped up as he kissed Sarah, he tried to keep it slow but with Sarah trembling underneath him he couldn't hold back either, her kiss made it even harder.

A few more thrusts and they both found their releas.

When they caught their breath, Richie rolled off of her and pulled her close next to him to hold and cuddle.

The next morning came much too soon.

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  1. I love this chapter because it shows the family man that Richie is. Daniel is going to be one lucky kid when he gets older to have his dad teach him how to play the guitar.