Sunday, January 19, 2014

Chapter Sixty-six

After another successful concert, Richie and the rest of the band returned to the hotel together. In the morning they'd move on to the next city but tonight they were staying here. It was a lot less stressful if they traveled in the morning. Now they could at least go to sleep in a comfortable bed.

Once they reached their floor, Richie said good night to everyone and went to his own room. As usual it took a while before everything really quietened down on the floor.

He changed his clothes and found his cell phone to call his wife before going to bed. Time difference was still working in their favor, he was an hour ahead of home. Midnight for him but 11 pm for Sarah. Technically it was a different day for him.

As Sarah answered the phone, he could hear crying on the other end.

"A second." Sarah said.

Richie continued to listen how she was trying to sooth Daniel and make him calm down again. He felt bad hearing his son cry like that. The boy sounded so upset that nothing his mother did could help him. Ever worse, there wasn't anything he could do about it. The only thing he could do was listen to Daniel cry.

Finally Daniel settled down and Sarah answered the phone again.

"Hey, sorry about that." She apologized.
"It's alright. What's got him so upset?"
Sarah shrugged, "I have no idea, he's just had a really bad day today."
Richie frowned, worrying about his son. "But nothing that makes it clear why?"
"No. He's just moody. He's fine now. Think he'll go to sleep now."
"That's good, he can probably use it after being that loud."

Richie continued to listen to Sarah talking about her day and everyone at home.

So far everything was still alright, no trouble anywhere. Everyone went to school. Sarah's school books had arrived and she was trying to learn whenever she could. He felt immensely proud as he listened to Sarah explain everything she had read about so far. Daniel was learning to keep himself busy with toys or his stuffed animals, which provided Sarah with the time to read her school books. She had been right, it would work out fine.

Half way through the leg of the tour, only three more weeks and he'd be home again. He was looking forward to it already.

Before he had a chance to talk about his own day, it was getting late for both of them.

"I'll phone you back tomorrow." Richie promised.
"I'll be waiting for you call. I love you." Sarah said gently.
"I love you too." He missed being able to say it in person but over the phone would have to do for now. "Good night." He added.
"You too, sleep tight."
Richie chuckled. "I still need to shower."
"Shower? Are you going to think about me?"
"Sarah, honey," He said seriously, "I always think about you."
Sarah sighed. "I miss you." She said softly.
"I miss you too. Only three more week and I'll be there."
"Yeah." Sarah agreed but she knew he'd have to leave again afterwards.

They finally ended their phonecall and Richie got up from the bed. He had changed into clean clothes but he still needed a shower or his hair would never look decent in the morning after being so sweaty.

In the bathroom he turned on the shower, making sure the water was warm enough before he started undressing. As he pulled his shirt over his head, Sarah's words rang through his mind. He always thought about her, he could picture her lovely face before him.

His pants followed the shirt to the floor, kicking his clothes aside, he got a towel to lay by the shower for when he finished.

The water temperature was just right as he stepped into the shower. He stood under the shower head, letting the water stream down his body. It felt good and relaxing. But also lonely without Sarah.

Sharing a shower with his wife was always better than taking one alone. When he closed his eyes, he could see her standing in front of him, showering too. Even if it was his imagination, she looked as beautiful as ever. Every little thing about her, he loved it. All of it.

He let his imagination play, watching Sarah soap up her body in front of him.

Directing his imagination in another way, he watched Sarah soap up his body. He could almost really feel her soft hands on his skin.

Until he realized, it were his own hands which weren't as soft as Sarah's. Despite that, he didn't stop the imaginative play that was going on in his mind. He let Sarah's hand roam over his body tenderly. She always had that special way of doing it, almost making it seem like a massage as she spread the soap over his body.

His own hand caught up with Sarah's imaginary hand as she moved it over his belly, over his hip, to his groin.

It was just imagination but he definitely wasn't going to stop anymore now. His body wouldn't allow him that. He needed to finish it.

Following his fantasy wife, he moves his hand as she did.

It had been ages since he had to do it alone but with picturing Sarah doing it for him, it wasn't so bad.

He followed every move that his wife made in his mind, stroking him just the way he liked it. She was an expert at it even though she had missed years of practice, she had caught up exceptionally fast.

Fantasying every touch and sound Sarah would make made his climax approach rapidly.

His eyes shot open as he released against his own wet skin. The soap vanished from his mind, along with the real white streaks that had just ended up on his body and the shower floor. He watched it all wash away. Sarah was gone from his mind.

With the realization that he was still alone, he sighed and reached for soap and washed his hands before continuing to wash his hair and the rest of his body.

Afterwards, he retrieved the towel he had left within reach. After turning off the water, he wrapped it around him and stepped out of the shower. He dried off before picking up his clothes and taking them to the bedroom where he put them over a chair for the next day.

Using the towel, he dried his hair some more. With a glance at the alarm clock, he knew it was the middle of the night. Hopefully Sarah was sleeping by now. He missed her. Most importantly, he needed to get some sleep.

Once completely dried off, he dropped the towel to the floor and got into the large bed. When he closed his eyes, Sarah was back.

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