Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Chapter Sixty-two

Gently, Sarah laid her son in his small baby bed. He had fallen asleep a while ago but to her it seemed he'd be more comfortable in his own bed.

As she watched him sleep in his bed, it became obvious how much he had grown in the past few months. He was even starting to move on his own now.

Just as she expected when she walked out of Daniel's room, she received a phone call. Quickly she grabbed it out of her pocket and answered it as she walked back to her bedroom.

"Did you get to watch?" Richie opened with.
"Yeah. Danny loved it." Sarah answered him, sitting down on their bed.
"Danny? We're shortening it now?"
"It's cute."
"Okay. You let him watch?"
"He was watching with me and your mom. He was down on his play mat while we watched, turned up the volume and he loved it."
Richie smiled, picturing his son.
"He really knows it's you."

Sarah went on to describe how she was watching her husband on a laptop with Joan. They sat on the couch in the living room with the laptop on the coffee table, the volume turned up load. Daniel laid on a soft playing mat. With every guitar solo Richie made, Daniel tried to turn to his side, then fell to his belly. Sarah had turned him back to his back every time he did so but Daniel continued to try to get closer to where the music was coming from. After a few tries, Sarah had picked him up and held him in her lap as she watched her husband perform at a promotional concert in London. It was amazing to see how her 3 month old son was reacting to music and mostly music his father played.

"He's gonna be a musical talent." Richie predicted.
"You think so? Babies might just like music."

A few hours later Sarah was back to being busy with her little boy.

She loved to watch him grow and her parenting books told her all about what he should be doing. Even with those books, she had a feeling she should know more about her child's development. It gave her a few ideas but right now Daniel was awake and would need attention for the next few hours.

While preparing dinner, Sarah made sure her older boys were babysitting the smallest one. Her idea that started in the living room, kept on rolling in her mind. It developed a way it could become reality. After all, she always wanted to go back to college and learn something. College wouldn't be a place for that now, that's what Caleb was going to do in the fall. She'd feel out of place at a college at this age but she also only wanted to learn for her own. Starting a career wasn't what she wanted to do anymore. Being a mother was all she wanted right now and a little more knowledge about children.

For now she kept her idea quiet, talking to Richie about it would help a lot. She could learn something entirely new that would benefit all of them even if she didn't put it into practice. She had already proven that she could maintain a good job and be a responsible employee. That part in her life was over now.

Now was time for family.

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