Friday, May 24, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Five

22 weeks

Two weeks later Sarah and Richie were on their way to Montana. It was hard for Sarah to go back to the place where life had been so bad but she had to try and perhaps Richie really was right that this would help her too. Maybe it was a way to get closure with it for once and for all.

This time they would only meet with the lawyer, find out everything that had happened and if Sarah wanted, she still had an option of backing out.

For the most part of the flights Sarah stayed quiet, which was fine by Richie, he knew it was difficult for her. Just the decision of coming here again, he understood it was no easy choice. She was going back to the place where she had been hurt so much, where she would rather stay far away from for very good reasons. It was only a place but it was close enough to Jonathan.

They were only staying for a few days, their appointment with the lawyer was Wednesday afternoon, the next day they would head back home. All in all, they would only be in Montana for three days.

At the hotel, Richie dropped their bag on the bed, it hadn't particularly been a long flight, specially with time difference, it was only four in the afternoon, while it would be three at home.

Sarah sat down on the bed, she was uncertain of being in this area, even though she had no clue where Jonathan was, it felt as if he was close and that he knew where she was. Like it would be so easy for him, to knock on the hotel room door and enter back into Sarah's life. Even though everything she had gone through in the past year, this was still something she feared, having to face Jonathan again.

"Do you want to out or something?" Richie asked, looking around the room, it was a normal hotel room, nothing to do in a hotel room.
"No." Sarah answered immediately, here she was a little safer than outside.
"Why not? We can go for dinner or something." Richie suggested, already starting to feel hungry.
"No." Sarah repeated.
"You can't be tired, the flight wasn't that long." He didn't want to spend the rest of the day in a hotel room, they should go do something.
"I'm not tired."
"Then why don't you want to go out with me?" He asked confused, usually Sarah liked going out with him. It had been difficult at first to convince her to go to the fancy places but he knew she liked them now.
"I don't want to go anywhere." Sarah insisted.
"Alright then, can I go do something then?" Richie asked, he really didn't want to sit down, he'd been sitting long enough, he needed to do something more active.
"Go ahead."

Richie sighed and opened the bag on the bed, looking for a pair of shorts. He could use a quick run, still needing to lose some weight. He needed to be in top condition for when he went on his solo tour in the fall.

A few minutes later he regretfully left the room. He didn't want to leave Sarah alone but he didn't want to stay in the same small room all day and on top of that Sarah was pretty annoyed with him. At least she had made the right decision.

He didn't ran as long as he usually did and skipped on lifting weights, he wanted some time on his own, to clear his mind but didn't want to leave Sarah alone for too long either.

Once off the treadmill, he picked up the towel he had brought and wiped his sweat, trying to get rid of the sweat he had created.

He left the empty gym and went down the hotel lobby, going back to the elevator to go back to his hotel room. He pressed the button with the number 4 on it and waited for the doors to close, then stood back against the wall waiting for them to open again at the floor.

It wasn't difficult to find the room they had been booked into and Richie used his key card to get in. He hoped Sarah was feeling better now. Maybe she wanted to go do something, finally leave the room and have something fun to do. It was a different city after all, there were lots of things for them to do and see, it was a beautiful state after all.

He wiped the towel over his face again when he walked in and closed the door behind him. He moved the towel to wrap it around his neck, letting it rest over his shoulder, then he noticed the bed was empty, and so was the couch and the entire room.

"Sarah?" He asked nobody.

The room was empty, the curtains still wide open, the bed sheets ruffled, his bag on the floor, not where he last left it.

he threw his towel on the bed and looked around.

"Sarah?" He asked again, then noticed the bathroom door ajar, water flooding the floor.


  1. Just a piece of info... Since we both know that Richie and Sarah live in California, Montana is one hour ahead of California... this makes it look like they live in Texas, or somewhere in the mid west. If it was 4 in Montana, it would be 3 in California... I'm a west coast girl... sorry for making the correction, but I do love this story... HUGS

    1. Thanks, all these years and I still haven't gotten the hang of time differences