Monday, May 27, 2013

Chapter Twenty-Six

22 weeks

"Sarah!" He pushed the bathroom door further open and walked over to the bath tub as fast as he could without slipping on the wet floor. Sarah was in the water, her face and belly just sticking out of the water. Richie turned off the water, to his relief Sarah's eyes shot open.

"What are you doing?" She asked as she sat up in the bath.
"What are YOU doing? You're flooding the bathroom, getting me panicked."
"Why are you panicking? I'm taking a bath." Sarah looked around the bathroom, noticing the wet floor. "Oh."
"Yeah, oh." Richie agreed.
"It's just a wet floor, why were you panicking? Not liking I was drowning or anything?"
"No?" Richie asked unsure. Sarah had come to Montana with him very reluctantly, he didn't really know what he was thinking she might do.
Sarah watched him, then realization hit her. "You thought... I was drowning myself? You thought that?" Her question was filled with disbelieve and shock, edged with some anger.
"I don't really know."
"Oh my God Richie, honestly? I have a baby!"
"I know you do." He hesitated. "Do you think you can come out of the bath now?"
"I was enjoying my bath until you got here, so I think I'll stay here." She said sure of herself, mad at him.

How could he think she'd kill herself? Was that really what he was thinking? She didn't want to do this but she wasn't going to risk her life for it or Sammy's and leave her husband and sons behind, an unborn child. How could he? Over something like this?

"Seriously?" She asked, still full of disbelieve.
"I don't know." Richie shook his head as he sat down on the edge of the bath. He had no idea anymore of what he was thinking.
"I'm not looking forward to this but I'm not gonna do something like that to get out of this."
"I know." He sighed.

He knew Sarah wouldn't do something like that, but seeing the bathroom floor flooded, it was the first thing he could of instead of thinking rationally. Panic had taken over his mind.

"I'm sorry. Enjoy your bath." Richie got back up and made to leave.
Sarah grabbed his arm. "I'm sorry, I should have been more careful, not flood the bathroom."
Richie nodded and walked back to the door.
"Rich?" Sarah asked when he turned to leave.
He looked back. "Yeah?"
"Can you help me out?"

"I was just trying to relax." Sarah said while she got dressed by the bed.
Richie was sitting on the couch, a little bit away, and had turned on the TV. "I know."
"You obviously don't."
Richie turned on the couch to look at his wife. "What?"

He knew she meant something with it but Sarah didn't answer him again. She finished getting dressed and sat down on the couch next to him, leaning over so she could cuddle, her head on his shoulder. Now she wanted to cuddle but five minutes ago she was angry at him. What was all that supposed to mean.

"You don't have to panic so quickly or worry so much." She said, her arm moved around his waist to hold him.
"You didn't answer me when I called you three times." Richie said calmly. Of course that had panicked him, how could Sarah expect him to stay calm then?
"I just didn't hear you."
"I know."
"Just relaxing." Sarah repeated.

Her bath had been very relaxing until Richie had barged in. She liked having baths and had found out that Sammy liked it too. Because Richie had decided to go to the gym, she thought it would be nice to have a nice bath and her thoughts had drifted to Sammy. How he or she would be, character, personality, who it would resemble the most. If the baby would have her green eyes or Richie's deep brown ones.

"I thought you were relaxed though." Richie said.
"We're involved in a lawsuit... How is that relaxing?"
"We're not involved yet. We're only meeting that lawyer, that's it."
"But you know it'll lead to the lawsuit, me having to testify." Sarah said even though she hadn't made her decision on that matter yet, that's why they were having a meeting first.
"You don't have to if you don't want to. I'm sure they have enough evidence as it is."
Sarah shook her head against him, disagreeing. "How do we know that? What if they don't and really need my testimony?"
"It's up to you if you do or don't."
"I know." Sarah sighed. "See, this isn't relaxing. It's not good for Sammy and now we're arguing."
"What's not good for Sammy?"
"The stress. I've already been in the hospital twice."
"But that was because you couldn't eat." Richie said.
"I know, but the stress isn't good either."
Richie sighed. "I thought you said you were okay with coming here."
"I am." Sarah agreed, she had said so before they left. "For now. But it's still scary and still makes me worry."

What did she need to worry about? Richie didn't understand. They were in a hotel, not even near where Sarah used to live.

"Why then? What's to worry about?" He asked.

Sarah looked down, not really wanting to answer because she knew her reason to be worried was silly and pointless. She watched her arm that was still holding Richie's waist.

"What if he finds me?"
"Jonathan? He's not going to find you, he doesn't even know you're here."
"I know he doesn't." Sarah agreed, she knew he wouldn't understand.
"Well then."
"Try convincing my brain that he doesn't know I'm here. I keep imagining ways he might find out and knows where I am and then comes here and something happens."
Richie finally put his arms around Sarah. "Nothing is going to happen to you. I'm always here to protect you." He said and remembered how he had left to go to the gym, thinking that was what had made Sarah take a bath to relax. "I won't go to the gym again."


  1. Thank god Sarah is okay! Now that we know she is safe she needs to talk to her husband and explain her fears of Jonathon finding her. They are both thinking the same thing but neither one is willing to talk about it. Sarah needs to testify.

  2. Richie, she is hormonal! Give her a break. Why don't you pamper and spoil her! I think a nice massage should help decrease the stress!