Friday, May 3, 2013

Chapter Twenty

14 weeks

Tuesday afternoon Sarah was glad she didn't have to work that day. The dress she had bought with Richie was beautiful, it was white with a floral pattern on it in beige. She honestly thought she looked beautiful but was worried a baby bump was visible. She knew she had gained some weight and her jeans had become a bit tight but it in a dress it would be even more obvious.

"Maybe I could wear one of those big belts everyone always wears." Sarah said as she looked at herself in the mirror.
"That doesn't go with your dress and will only put more attention to it." Richie was watching her from the bed. He liked the fact she was getting a baby bump, proof that they soon would have a little baby. "What if anybody asks about Sammy tonight?" He asked, remembering he had to ask Sarah how she felt about telling people now.
She shrugged, which didn't give Richie much hope, "I guess it's alright to say, it's the second trimester now but..."
"But what?" He pushed on.
Sarah left the mirror for what it was and moved over to the bed. "I don't want people to start making a huge deal about in and tabloids and stuff."
Richie smiled. "I know honey, I don't want those things either but they usually do happen. To be honest, rather have them telling a true story than making something up and making everyone go crazy."
Sarah nodded. "I guess that's true but can we not mention how many weeks, the date and the name we gave the baby now?"
"We can do that. Just say that you're expecting, nothing more. Just expecting, not even what you're expecting."
"I think it's pretty obvious what I'm expecting."
"Could be lots of things really," Richie shrugged, "a promotion, renewed wedding vows, a new car..."
"Renewed wedding vows?" Sarah asked interested.
Richie chuckled, "we only got married a year ago, do we need to renew already?"
Sarah sighed. "I guess not."

The whole family joined to the award ceremony where Richie would be accepting his award for the work he had done to help the homeless. It was something Sarah loved about him, he might be rich and famous but he was generous enough to help out different kinds of charities, doing something back for the community.

When he was honored with his award and invited upon stage, Sarah couldn't possibly be any prouder than she was feeling right then. His own life had been quite a turmoil the last few years but he still did what he could to help people in need, she was incredibly proud of him for that.

As Richie's speech ended, she clapped just as loud of the entire audience, when her husband returned to their table, she reached over to kiss him.

"I'm proud of you." She smiled as she realized that usually it was Richie telling her he was proud of her. "Everything in the past year has made me proud of you."
Richie smiled back happier as if knowing how Sarah felt was more important than accepting an award. "Thanks sweetheart."

After the dinner and reception, journalists were still waiting outside. Sarah had been getting tired, he knew she must be, it had been a long day and with a baby, she shouldn't be stressed. Richie decided to do one quick interview before leaving. The children waiting a little way away with his mother and Richie took Sarah's hand and walked up to one of the interviewers.

The lady  introduced herself a little, mentioning she wrote for an online newspaper and that she was a longtime fan.

Her first few questions were about Richie's charity work, asking for more details of everything he had done and how he had been able to help. She also asked him how other people could help too.

"On a more private note, only a year ago you were looking for your future ex-wife, seems your search has been successful, right?"
"It completely failed." Richie smiled brightly, confusing the lady that was interviewing him. "I'd never divorce Sarah, we're in it for life."
"That great to see and we're all very happy for you. You've also mention then that you wanted to have more children do you think that might still happen?"

Sarah thought it was impossible for Richie to smile even brighter than he just had, but he proved her wrong with his smile.

His eyes darted over at Sarah, then back to the interviewer. "I think that will happen soon." He smiled at Sarah again and pulled her a little closer.
That made the interviewer look at Sarah too. "You're pregnant?" She asked without having her pen ready to write notes.
"We're expecting a baby soon." Richie confirmed, trying not to give too many details.
"Would I be pushing my luck by asking if you know the sex of the baby?"
"That would be pushing your luck." Richie smiled again and ended the interview.

Once they were at home, it was late and everyone went to bed. As last Sarah and Richie finally went to bed too.

"I really am proud of you." Sarah said as she walked over close to him once they were alone.
"I know you are." Richie said as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Not just for the award. I mean, everything. They served alcohol and I'm proud that you didn't touch it too." Sarah answered, trying to convince him. "I don't think I've ever told you how proud I am you have been able to be sober. I know it's not easy."
Richie smiled, hearing the compliment was quite satisfying. "Thanks but you help me and now I don't need it anymore, I got you to make me happy and cheer me up when I'm down."
"Well I'm glad to help." She reached up and kissed him deeply.

Only a second later she started pulling at his clothes, wanting to get him naked and as close to her as possible. All of a sudden she needed him as soon as possible.

Richie was all too happy to oblige and unzipped Sarah's dress, helping her out of her clothes too.

A minute later they were kissing on the bed, soon it was already almost unbearable for Richie and moved down the bed to pay attention to Sarah's breasts. As he started kissing, nibbling and sucking, an excited sigh escaped Sarah but Richie interpreted it wrongly.

"Sorry, did I hurt you?" He looked up at her, hoping he hadn't.
Sarah shook her head. "Not really, just a little sensitive." She assured him.
"I'll be careful." He continued his kisses but more gentle and careful.

As he sat up, he moved Sarah's legs further apart to settle between them. Watching her in all her naked glory, his eyes lingered on her baby bump, slowly Richie bent down and kissed her belly. He couldn't wait for November, it couldn't come too soon.

Positioning himself, he carefully moved inside her, now that it was getting more obvious that Sarah was pregnant he wasn't sure about the matter of sex anymore. Could they just have sex like they always did or should he be more careful?

He started thrusting slowly at first but Sarah's moaning urged him on, knowing she wanted more and if she wanted more, he assumed it would be alright for the baby too.

"More Richie, harder." Sarah moaned loudly.
He loved when Sarah got vocal during sex, but, "harder?"
"Yes, harder." She tried to pull him down on top of her but Richie restrained.
"The baby..."
"Is fine, come here, I want you close." She was successful this time to pull him down on top of her own body. "Now, harder." She almost ordered.

Richie grinned, were this the so called pregnancy hormones? He might like that.

He started thrusting harder and faster, making it harder for himself to hold back but Sarah was close to her climax and he couldn't deny her of that. Trying to hold back he thrusted a few more time until he could feel Sarah's inner walls contract around him as she loudly came for him.

He captured her lips as he let go too, feeling his orgasm explode inside her took his mind off the sting he felt as he kissed her.

Sarah kept kissing him, sucking his lip between her own, moaning again, she continued kissing him until it got too much for her and pulled away, breathing heavily.

"You're bleeding." He said as he wiped away the blood on Sarah's lip but when he did, there wasn't any cut visible, then he tasted blood as he licked his own lips. "You bit me." He said a little amazed, that was definitely a first.
"I'm sorry... I just... I don't really know." Sarah tried to apologize.
"Are pregnancy hormones gonna make you rough during sex? I don't mind some rough sex." He grinned and kissed her again.


  1. Richie is going to see a whole other side to Sarah with her pregnancy. Just hope he survives it. Lol

  2. Don't think the Baby's sex poll is working right...I voted boy & the results said 100% of the votes were for girl!

    And I agree with jovikitn65...I hope he survives it too!