Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Chapter Nineteen

14 weeks

Sunday morning was a quit busy morning for the family, Richie went to pick up Ava at her mom's house earlier than he usually did but he still had to drive to the airport too and knew that Ava would like to spend the entire day with her grandmother rather than just the evening.

To keep a low profile Richie went to the airport alone after he had picked up Ava. He knew she wanted to come too but Ava didn't complained and stayed home.

Richie was glad to see his mom, it had been since Christmas that they had spend some time together.

At home, he carried his mom's bag inside and lead her through to the living room where everybody was waiting for her. He left the bags at the stairs and followed his mom into the living room.

As expected Ava was happy to see her grandmother and rushed over to give her a big hug. Joan never came over without bringing presents. With her new step-grandchildren she was able again to buy gifts for boys. Richie had been her only son and she somewhat knew better what to buy for buys than for girls. She knew what girls liked too but with technology and everything, she wasn't always completely sure anymore, it used to be easy to just buy Ava a doll or pretty dresses.

Some time in the afternoon time change caught up with Joan and she decided on some peace and quiet for a few minutes. She let Richie carry her bag up to her room, following him.

"How's things between you and Sarah?" She asked when Richie put her bag on her bed.
"Really good." Richie answered brightly.
"How good exactly."
"Just really good. You know we met a year ago?"
"Has it been that long?" Joan asked a little surprised.
"A year and a week sorta. So you wanna nap before we have dinner?"
"Yes but first I wanted to ask if I'm getting more grandchildren any time soon." Joan smiled gently up at him.
"Oh... Uhm... I..."
"Honey, it's not that hard to say yes or no. Sarah's just got that pregnant look going on and I don't mean to be rude but she seems to have gain some weight too."
Richie sighed, a bit relieved. "Yeah. I think she's just going into the second trimester so we can start telling people. We were going to tell you tonight."
"I'm glad you have Sarah and I'm glad you're getting your wish of another child."
"Thanks ma." He smiled happy and proudly as he hugged her.

During dinner their conversation easily lead back to Sarah's pregnancy. Joan was informed the baby was 14 weeks old and that it's due date was calculated for November 2nd.

In the middle of dinner Sarah got up and left the room, to everyone's surprise. They all stared a few minutes towards the open doorway of the room. Immediately Richie wondered whether she was feeling alright or not. He profusely hoped her morning sickness didn't show up yet again. The two times it had it had been so bad she had to go to the hospital. He didn't like her being in the hospital at all, he rather took care of her at home.

A few minutes later she returned and sat down again.

"Are you okay?" Richie asked confused and worried at the same time.
"Yeah, I got the pictures of Sammy to show your mom." She said as she handed the pictures of the baby that they had gotten a few weeks ago.
Joan looked up at the sound of a name. "Sammy?" She asked, looking down at the black and white pictures.
"That's what we decided to name him or her for now." Richie said before Sarah could, showing he was alright with her decision.
"Him." Caleb said sure.
"No, her." Ava insisted.
"Not again." Richie sighed. "If you two don't stop arguing about it we'll just wait til November to find out."
That had them both staring at him with wide eyes.
"Thought so." He smiled satisfied.

He couldn't help but wonder what they'd act like on Tuesday night when he would be receiving his award. Everyone was coming with him but he wouldn't want any kind of press overhearing Ava and Caleb arguing about a future brother or sister. Sure he was ready to tell everyone that he was finally getting another baby, but he still had to check with Sarah how she felt about telling someone of the press.

After dinner, the family watched a movie until it was pretty late and everyone should have been in bed ages ago. Sarah was still working the next day while Richie had taken two days off to spend some time with his mom on Monday and Tuesday for the award reception.

So far Ava and Caleb hadn't had an argument about the baby again. They wondered what sex the baby would be but so far Noah hadn't said anything yet. He wasn't sure if he should worry about that or not. He had had a good talk with Noah just before they found out Sarah was pregnant, but would he be that lucky again? Maybe it was better to leave it up to Sarah herself, she still knew her son better anyway.


  1. Ha ha ha! Joan guessed that Sarah was pregnant before they had a chance to tell her! WTG Joan!

  2. Grandma always knows. LOL.

    I'm guessing boy, cause my son's due date was Nov 2nd & I guessed right that he was a boy. LOL


  3. Keeping my fingers crossed its a boy.

  4. maybe twins and they get both ;)