Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chapter Fifteen

9 weeks

Sarah woke up the same time she always woke up on a Monday morning even though she knew she might cancel work again.

Richie wasn't as hot next to her as he had been the last few days. Wednesday she had finally convinced him to see a doctor if he wasn't going to take something.

Even though he didn't want to Sarah phoned a doctor as Richie said she could. Too bad it was too late to get a house call the same day.

Thursday morning when Sarah got from driving everyone to school, the doctor was there and Sarah led him up to their bedroom where Richie had just woken up.

She sat with him as the doctor asked some questions and examined him.

Afterwards Sarah led him out again and made some breakfast for Richie.

"Not pregnant." He had said when Sarah came back into the bedroom.
"Good, you can have breakfast then." She handed him some toast.

Three days later Richie still wasn't entirely over the flu.

"How are you feeling today?" Sarah asked before getting up out of bed.
"Better." Richie answered, at least he didn't sound as hoarse as last week anymore.
"How much better?" Sarah wanted to know.
"So much better that if you shower later, I'll shower with you." He smiled.

Sarah chuckled, that didn't sound bad, she had had to shower alone all week and Richie could use a decent right about now.

"Seriously though," Sarah went on, "are you feeling better?"
"Think I might go back to the studio tomorrow or the day after."
"That's good." Sarah concluded.

An hour later Richie got up to look for Sarah, as he walked past the mirror, getting a full view of himself, he really needed to find Sarah so they could shower together. He looked like a mess, his hair was incredibly messy and greasy but at least he didn't look pale anymore.

Finding her in the kitchen, Richie walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her, standing behind her and kissed her neck.

"I love you but you stink." Sarah chuckled as she turned around in his arms.
"Maybe you should shower with me."
"If you have another plastic bag for me." Sarah told him.
"Anything to have you shower with me." He said confident and opened the shelf where they kept various sorts of plastic bags.

A few minutes later, Sarah's purple cast arm was wrapped in plastic and ready to go shower.

Richie helped her undress in the bathroom, her wrist didn't bother her anymore, it didn't hurt but because the baby was so small, they couldn't x-ray and take off the cast. Hopefully it only had to stay on for another week.

He turned on the water and then helped Sarah step in to the shower. He remembered it was almost a year since he knew Sarah had sprained her wrist the first time, then her ankle. It had happened more times but nothing as bad as her ankle was then. By now it seemed so long. They'd been married for seven months, almost eight. It had almost been a year they had met, so many things had changed since then.

"I missed seeing you all naked like that." Richie said as he watched Sarah getting wet under the shower head.
"I bet you have." Sarah said as she took her own look of Richie's wet body.

He wrapped his arms around her carefully and hugged her for a few minutes, then picked up the soap but Sarah took it from him.

"Let me help you, you're the one that stinks after all." She joked.
"Oh yeah? How are you gonna do that with one hand?" He said, snatching the soap back.

After washing, bodies and hair, Richie wrapped his arms around Sarah again, kissing her deeply. He hadn't kissed her in a week and he had missed it, even though she was right there, he couldn't risk her getting a flu either.

Only a few minutes later they were in bed again.

"We're getting the bed all wet." Sarah giggled as Richie kissed her neck.
"Don't care." He said as he continued kissing her.

The next morning Richie did go back to work, after he had promised Sarah to not work overtime any day this week.

At the studio he tried to stick to his promise that he had made to Sarah, no worrying about being a week behind and not overdoing his voice.

At home Sarah was reading one of her pregnancy books, the website she had found online gave a nice week by week view of how the baby was growing but finding it wasn't enough information, she found a book that did the same but the explanation was broader.

Richie was home at his regular time, for which Sarah was glad, he had stuck to his promise and his voice didn't sound worse than it had before he had left in the morning.

He walked over and sat down to Sarah who was still reading her book.

"What are you reading?"
"I'm reading about our baby growing. Do you think we have time before we go to Hawaii?" Sarah asked, marking her page and closing her book.
"What for?" Richie asked, turning on the TV and getting comfy on the couch.
"Well, next week I'm ten weeks and according to my book we can hear Sammy's heartbeat then." Sarah asked, a little excited.
"A heartbeat?" He asked a little surprised it was that soon. "Wait, Sammy?"
"Oh," Sarah realized what she had said. "I kinda started naming the baby Sammy."
"Why Sammy?" Richie asked, how could she pick out a name without asking him, he wasn't even sure if he liked that name.
"Not to keep, just to have something nicer than "the baby" and I thought, Sambora, Sam, Sammy." She explained.
"Short for Sambora?"
"Yeah kinda and it works for a boy or a girl. So do you think we have time?" She asked.
"Yeah, definitely." Richie said, making his voice crack in excitement and a coughing fit burst out.
"What did I tell you?"
"Sorry." He whispered when he caught his breath. "Do you know a doctor yet?"
"I was thinking to ask Taylor and some other people around the hospital, they must know someone good."
"That's probably a good idea, they should know who's good." Richie concluded.


  1. Richie don't over do it with going back into the studio so soon after being sick. And quit kissing Sarah you dork. You are still sick!
    Hmm...Sammy Sambora? I like it.

  2. Sarah is 9 weeks and she hasn't seen an OB?!?!?! Oy!
    I like "Sammy"for Sambora! That's cute!

    1. That's my mistake then. I've done research but I must have been wrong about that then, sorry. Don't look into it for the story though, just my mistake.

  3. I also like Sammy for Sambora :) that's really cute.

    And I think Richie should stay longer at home after his flu and he should take more care about his voice.

    I'm looking forward to the next chapter