Monday, April 15, 2013

Chapter Sixteen

10 weeks

Monday Richie had taken the day off, knowing he wouldn't be able to work over time then, putting his family first. The last few days he had figured out that Sarah had wanted to go to an appointment the week before but his flu interfered with that, so he thought it was most important to make sure Sarah could go this week and he couldn't let her go alone either.

Before finding their way to the gynecologist Sarah had an appointment to finally have her cast removed, if her wrist had been broken it would have healed by now and the cast could come off. Finally she would be able to shower decently again.

A few minutes before 10 am they arrived at the doctor's office for Sarah's appointment. When she was in the hospital for a week she had seen one but she didn't remember the doctor's name and figured she could try someone else. Her colleagues had suggested a few doctors to her and Sarah had made her decision based on who could see her the fastest.

They easily found the door that read:
Doctor Thompson
Obstetrics and gynecology

A few minutes later, they were sitting in the Doctor's room. She seemed like a nice person, Sarah liked her right away, she was friendly and understanding.

After the basic question Sarah had to move to the examining bed, with Richie by her side, she got ready to hear the sound of her baby. She took his hand and held it.

The gel that was applied to her belly was cold but instantly forgotten as a black and white picture of the inside of her uterus showed up on the screen next to them.

"Here's your baby." The doctor pointed out. "About an inch big now."
Richie measured out an inch between his fingers. "So small."
The doctor chuckled. "It'll keep growing of course. It's vital organs are starting to develop and mature. Nails and fingerprints are developing and reflexes are  too, so you might start to feel some little kicks." She looked at Sarah. "Let's look for that heartbeat, shall we?" The doctor said.
Sarah carefully nodded, making Richie look at her.

Sarah could feel the tears start behind her eyes, the simple picture of a little baby on the screen. She was still looking at it, it seemed so amazing. Something she'd wanted for so long now and there it was.

A loud thundering noise disrupted her thoughts, Richie squeezed her hand and she realized what she was hearing. With a big smile on her face, the tears started flowing.

Richie reached over and wiped away the tears.

"That's a good and healthy heartbeat." The doctor said with a smile.
Sarah nodded, unable to say something right now.

Back at the desk, the doctor said, "In six weeks, we'll be able to see the sex of the baby but in four weeks, the tricky part is over and you can start telling people if you want."

They scheduled the next appointment and were on their way with the pictures of the ultrasound.

"Anything you would like to do today?" Richie asked when they got in the car.
"Actually, I think I need some bigger clothes." Sarah confessed, carefully putting the pictures in her purse.
"We can do that."

Sarah still preferred shopping at the stores she used to buy clothes, she didn't care that she could afford more expensive stuff. Her favorite store was still good enough.

Browsing through the racks of clothes, Richie picked out what he would like to see on Sarah but some of the clothes were a bit too risky according to Sarah.

"Why do you need bigger clothes anyway?" Richie asked as he hung a revealing top back.
"'Cause these are getting a little tight." Sarah pointed out as she found a low waist jeans, a size bigger than her usual size.
Richie still didn't understand, Sarah didn't look like she needed anything bigger.

Sarah get two pairs of jeans and a few t-shirts. She noticed Richie was getting bored and still didn't understand. She moved closer to him, close enough that she could kiss him.

"I'll let you help pick out bras and a bikini."
Richie cocked an eyebrow in question, followed with a smile.
"I thought you'd like that." She smiled back and kissed him.

Of course, in the underwear department, Richie picked out the most skimpiest and see through sets.

"I know you like those honey, but I think, I need a bit more support than those ones offer." Sarah said as she looked through the ones Richie had picked out for her.
"Why? You'd look hot as hell in those."
Sarah chuckled. "Maybe but my boobs are getting bigger and will continue to get bigger so I'll need something that offers a bit more support. Wouldn't want them losing their firmness right."
Richie chuckled too. "Yeah, that's right." He liked Sarah's boobs and would definitely not like that.

Finally Richie took his job serious and helped Sarah pick out some new bras. Making sure, in the changing rooms that the cups did their work, making Sarah giggle every time he did. He couldn't keep his hands off of her. She had gotten used to that, being loved that much by someone was amazing and great for her self esteem. She knew however she looked, Richie would always love her.


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