Thursday, April 25, 2013

Chapter Eighteen

13 weeks

At the mirror you fix your hair and put your makeup on
You're insecure about what clothes to wear
I can't see nothing wrong

Sunday evening Richie stuck to his promise and was taking Sarah out on a date, they had known each other for a year and a day now. The year had gone very fast for them. They had spend the entire summer together last year, which lead to them getting married right after the summer. As soon as they were wed, plans for a baby had started. Everyone knew Richie still wanted more children and he was glad Sarah was wanting and willing to. End of April now and they had a 13 week old to-be-baby, just another week and they were ready to tell everyone.

To me you look so beautiful when you can't make up your mind
It's half past eight, it's getting late
It's OK, take your time

He was waiting in their bedroom, thinking about the past year while Sarah was getting ready in the bathroom. Not only had it been a year since he had met Sarah, but it had also been a full year since he had any kind of alcoholic drink. He was quite proud of himself for that.

Standing here my hands in my pockets
Like I have a thousand times
Thinking back it took one breath
One word to change my life

He remembered how easy his first contact with Sarah was. Straight away he knew how beautiful was, not just her looks but as a person too. The first time they talked, he knew it was something special even though Sarah had gotten scared after a few days and avoided him until she got the courage to tell him about her past. From then on their relationship had developed. He could still easily picture the bench in the garden of the rehab center, what a peaceful place it had been and how comfortable he and Sarah had been able to talk there.

The first time I saw you it felt like coming home
If I never told you I just want you to know
You had me from hello

Sarah had dressed in her favorite dress, her white summer dress she had worn almost a year ago on her first real date with Richie when they got back from Europe. The dress was getting tight but she hoped it would be alright for tonight. For their next time out they would buy a new dress, she was sure by then she wouldn't fit into this one then. She hoped it wouldn't be too noticeable yet.

A little while later they arrived at a classy restaurant, feeling a little insecure, Sarah held her arms, low above her abdomen, maybe people would notice anyway.

When we walk into a crowded room it's like we're all alone
Everybody tries to kidnap your attention
You just smile and steal the show

Sarah had learned not to worry about prices anymore, usually the price came with how wonderful it would taste. She picked out her favorite meal and let Richie order the rest, sure he knew what she would like.

In a corner of the restaurant, a small band was playing music, a couple was slow dancing to the tunes. They must be on a romantic date too. The band played the entire evening, only taking short pauses every hour.

After sharing dessert together Richie got up and took Sarah's hand, pulling her up too.

"What are you doing?" She asked as Richie guided her to the dance floor.
"We're gonna dance." Richie said.

You come to me and take my hand
We start dancin' slow
You put your lips up to my ear and whisper way down low

He stepped on the dance floor, twirled her around until she was right in front of him, then placed his hands on the small of her back and Sarah wrapped her arms around him and rested her head on his shoulders, swaying softly with him to the gentle music.

From the first time I saw you it felt like coming home
If I never told you I just want you to know
You had me from hello

They danced closely until the band took it's break, holding hands they walked back to their table for a cup of coffee.

Arriving at home, it was dark in the house, it was late and everyone had gone to bed. Quietly they went up to their room.

As Richie started to unbutton his shirt, Sarah got in trouble with the zipper of her dress.

Richie chuckled. "Need help there?" He asked as he took his shirt off, throwing it over a chair in the corner.
"If you don't mind."
"Of course I don't mind."

Richie helped her out of her dress, then watched her in her silky white underwear, he could notice a baby belly starting now.

"You're beautiful." He said as he reached in and kissed her, gently walking her back to the bed and laying her down.

He climbed on the bed next to her and continued kissing her, reaching behind her back to undo her bra and take it off. His jeans were getting tighter but they'd have to wait just a little longer now.

Laying down next to her, they both remembered the first time they had sex, it had taken almost two months but it had been worth it. Together they hoped the other would remember that time and try to do it slow like it had been then.

And when you're laying down beside me
I feel your heartbeat to remind me...

Richie got out of his jeans and helped Sarah out of her panties, pulled the covers back and pulled her to her side as he laid down on his side next to her again.

Sarah could feel him hard next to her, it was hard to believe that a year ago his erection freaked her out but now she knew how wonderful it could be. Right now she wanted it so bad she wasn't sure if she wanted him to take it slow like their first time. She wanted him.

Richie pulled Sarah's leg over his hip, remembering exactly how the first time had gone, he slowly moved closer and guided his cock inside Sarah. Slowly he started thrusting, trying to keep it slow, making it last for both of them. As far as he knew hormones hadn't kicked in yet for Sarah and he didn't know in which way it would affect their sex life.

Even though he was thrusting long and slow, he could already feel Sarah tremble against him, making it harder for him to hold on, wanting to thrust harder but restraining himself and kissing Sarah instead.

The first time I saw you it felt like coming home
If I never told you I just want you to know
You had me from hello

Sarah's climax made her throw her head back, exposing her neck to Richie's kissing. Her walls clenching around him made Richie climax too.

Listening to their loud breathing, he continued to kiss Sarah's neck and chest, when both their heartbeats slowed down, Richie pulled back and looked her in the eyes.

From hello

"I love you." He said watching the dark sapphire in Sarah's eyes that he loved so much.
"I love you too." Sarah answered him, as he slowly slipped out of her, she sighed.

From hello


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