Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Chapter Fifty-two

The next morning a nurse brought Sarah a list of names of all the babies that were born in the past few months at the hospital.

Together with Baby Boy Sambora she tried a few out but didn't want to decide without Richie. No one had ever had this much trouble with naming their baby, she was sure of that. Most parents had picked out names months before the baby was born and now they were indecisive.

Richie had gone home in them morning to change his clothes and bring clothes for Sarah and their baby, preparing all the rest at home for the arrival of their baby too.

Before returning to the hospital, he stopped at one of the baby stores they had shopped at before to get a stuffed animal for his son. Something he could love forever.

While Richie was gone, she had another visitor. Sarah was known at the hospital and everyone she had worked with and was working that morning had popped into the room to say hi to the new baby and check on Sarah.

As to be expected with a tiny baby, everyone thought it was adorable but they didn't only talk about the baby. Sarah also got to hear what had changed while she was gone, even if it only was a few weeks since she had left.

Taylor was the most excited visitor that stopped by, her interest didn't only stay focused on the baby but also having heard about her idol cancelling the rest of the tour due to laryngitis. She just had to be sure he was alright even though she was bummed out she wasn't able to see a concert now.

For her friend, Sarah thought she could ask her husband if there was anything he could do. The show in New York had been cancelled but he had agreed to continue the Q&A. She knew he didn't want to leave her or Baby Boy Sambora alone but he couldn't cancel the concert and promise the Q&A and then cancel that too.

To make sure he wouldn't be gone too long, Richie had decided to fly to New York in the morning and fly back after the concert. His son was more important than staying in New York to visit friends. While he was there, Joan would be at his house too so Sarah had helped from both their mothers.

Richie returned to Sarah's hospital room, finding her holding the baby and reading papers.

"How's my son doing?" Richie asked as he walked into the room.
"He's good." Sarah looked at the beautiful baby in her arms. "He just finished his breakfast." She informed her husband.
"What? And I missed it?" He sounded surprised and shocked, but most of all, hoarse.
"I'm sorry, he was hungry, I couldn't let him wait."
Richie waved it off. "It's okay, there's still lunchtime for me to watch him eat." He explained. "What's that?" Richie asked as he put down the bag of clothes on the floor and sat on the edge of Sarah's hospital bed to read the papers too.
"A list of names of all the babies that were born since August."
"Quite a list." Richie remarked. It was a few pages long.
"I asked for it so we could get some inspiration."
Richie chuckled. Naming their son had been a real hard trick. "Any luck yet?"
"No." Sarah said. "But I was thinking about names and about Caleb and Noah. For them I picked biblical names, maybe we can do that."
"That doesn't sound bad." Richie agreed, taking his phone out of his jeans' pocket to search the web for biblical names. "What about the meaning of the name?"
"I haven't thought about that but Caleb and Noah's were perfect for what was going on at the time so maybe something like that for this one too." She held her baby a little tighter.
"Something like, happy? Joy? Love? Us and our pasts?" Richie asked, trying to understand what Sarah was saying.
"Yeah." She agreed but didn't know which names would be perfect for that. "What did you bring?"
"His crib here seems so empty and plastic, I thought I'd buy him something." He pulled out a little sheep from the bag he had brought in with him.
Sarah took it and showed it to Baby Boy Sambora. "It's really soft. He'll love it."

Richie left his wife and son in the afternoon. He was reluctant to do so because his precious baby bay would miss him. Or he would miss him. He wasn't sure if a baby that young would already miss him but he knew his three other children were missing him too and had to go pick them up for another visit.

It didn't take long for him to return to the hospital with all the children. Sarah's room was going to be crowded but home would be the same.

Ava walked up to Sarah first, making sure she would be the first to hold her little brother.

Sarah gently passed him over and let Ava hold him.

"Does he have a name yet?" Ava asked as she watched her little brother look up at her with his bright blue eyes.
"No, we're still indecisive. We want something special but haven't found anything yet. Taylor got me a book of names during her break." Sarah picked up the large book. The cover said it had over 5.000 names for boys but so far it hadn't helped Sarah.
Ava didn't know what to say about it. It had been months, how hadn't they thought of a name yet.

A few minutes later, Baby Boy Sambora was held by one of his older brothers as Ava was reading the book of names.

Caleb looked over at Richie. "Do you think he'll like guitar too?"
"Andrew." Ava said, saying all the names she liked out loud, not caring what everyone else was talking about.
"He might." Richie said.
"Because, I bought this book with nursery rhymes and it's got sheet music for piano and guitar and for singing too but then I could play guitar right, maybe he'll like that." Caleb suggested.
Richie wanted to answer but got cut off by Ava. "Carter." He sighed before answering. "Baby's love music. He'll love it that you'll play for him. Makes them calm."
Richie sighed again, his daughter was having fun but it was a little annoying she was doing it while he was trying to talk.
"So if he can't sleep or something, I could play and he'll be calm? That easy?" Caleb asked.
"Yes." Richie agreed immediately and excited.
Ava looked up. "Really?" A little confused.
"No." Richie shook his head, then looked at Sarah for agreement. "No." He confirmed when Sarah made the same head gesture as he had.
"Fine." Ava sighed and continued. "Granger. That's a name?"
"Must be, if it's in your book." Caleb said annoyed, still wanting an answer from Richie.
Ava gave him a mean look and continued reading.
Richie picked up where they had left off. "If he can't sleep at night, you can play for him. We'll just put the baby monitor in your room. That's great."


  1. Lol, I never realized how hard it is to name a little boy. Personally I think they should stick with the name Sammy.

  2. NO
    Sam Sambora sounds just funny :(

  3. I'll put my vote in for Andrew! ;)

  4. Haha aww, please not Andrew. I like Ethan the best out of the ones Ava listed :)