Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Chapter Fifty-three

After spending the weekend in the hospital with almost their entire family, Sarah and Baby Boy Sambora were finally allowed to go home on Monday.

Richie made sure his son was strapped in his seat, making sure he was perfectly safe before he got in the car himself too.

The drive home, was one of the carefullest Richie had ever made, driving a few miles slower than the limit was, his foot hovering over to brake to ensure that he would react as soon as possible to avoid any sort of accident.

Along with Sarah, he also looked over his shoulder a few times to check how his son was doing. He looked so tiny in his car seat.

"Everyone is at school?" Sarah asked, making sure they would arrive to a peaceful and quiet house. She could have gone home earlier but they preferred late morning on Monday because the older children would be at school and it would be calm for the baby's homecoming. A little baby like him didn't need all the excitement.
"Yeah, Caleb drove. Ava's staying with us instead of at her mom's. Thought she would."
"Of course, she wants to see her little brother."
Richie nodded. "As long as all her girl friends don't visit yet. Too many squeals for him."
Sarah chuckled a little, Ava's friends were all overly excited girls.
"We could also skip the friends visiting and pick them up from school later. Then they can only see him for a few minutes. Easier." Richie suggested, not wanting to share his little boy too much.
Nodding, Sarah considered it. "What if he's sleeping?"
"We'll just put him in the seat and drive to the school, annoy Ava by waiting at the gate, if he's asleep they all have to be quiet and we can leave sooner." Richie explained his idea.
"I don't know." Sarah said, unsure about letting the baby leave the house just yet and being around so many people.

"We really need to name him." The baby had settled down in his living room crib as Sarah and Richie sat on the couch, observing him.
"I know." Sarah sighed. "I never thought it would be this difficult to name a baby but it's such a major decision."
Richie nodded, agreeing, the name would have to last an entire life time, they needed to put thought into it but they had been trying to think of names for months now and now time was getting very close.
"I want something traditional for him, nothing fancy like they do with children nowadays. Something decent, but something that can be cute too."
Again, Richie nodded and pulled his phone from his pocket.

Richie did as she asked and searched for a list of traditional names.

"Aaron? Benjamin? Dan?" He started listing the alphabetic list. "Then I like Daniel better." He quickly added.
"Daniel?" Sarah looked up at him. "Meaning?"
Richie tapped his phone a few more times, waiting for the page to load. "God is my judge." He finally answered.
Sarah smiled at him. "That works for us and our pasts. No one can judge what bad lives you can go through before changing it all around and create something like this."
Richie nodded. "Yeah, that sounds good. I like Daniel, Danny, Dan. It works."
Sarah looked down at the baby in her arms, his face relaxed as his eyes were closed but she didn't think he was asleep. "Daniel." She said softly.

Both were amazed as the baby opened his eyes, shining his bright baby blues at them, knowing that was their sign for naming him.

"Daniel." Sarah said more firmly, making the decision.
"Middle name?" Richie asked, making Sarah sigh.
"That too?" She chuckled. "This was hard enough."

Richie scrolled through the names, figuring they could wait a little longer before deciding on the next name. There were a few names he liked but then didn't like the meaning of, or the other way around where he liked the meaning but didn't like the name that went with it.

"Isaac means laughter."
Sarah looked up at him again. "Yeah? That's nice." She agreed.
"Daniel Isaac?" Richie asked.

Sarah looked at her son, sleeping in his crib, Daniel Isaac. God is my judge and laughter. Their newborn baby would bring them much laughter and happiness. In a way it fitted with the meaning they had given to Daniel only a few minutes ago.

"Daniel Isaac Sambora." She agreed.

By the time school was over, Daniel had just woken up. It was a relief to Sarah who didn't want to expose him to all kinds of germs just yet.

Richie had understood from the first time and hadn't asked again. He got up from the couch and walked the few steps to Daniel's crib.

"Hey baby." He said softly as he picked up the crying baby, cuddling him to try to calm him down again. "Think he's hungry." Richie brought him over to the couch and sat down again, waiting for Sarah to be ready to feed him before passing him over.

Not much later, everyone got home from school and the peace and quiet had gone away. Usually they all spent time in their rooms after school, doing their homework, talking to friends or making plans to go out but now all three of them stayed in the living room, watching their little brother.

Daniel got passed around to everyone, being held and cuddles by all his loving siblings. His blue eyes shining bright whenever someone looked at him.