Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Chapter Fifty-Four

Richie woke up with a hand pressed to his forehead. Opening his eyes, he saw Sarah looking down at him. "What are you doing?" He asked hoarse and confused.
"You're sick again, or still, at least you have a temperature." She pulled her hand back.
"It'll go away." Richie answer, turning to his side to look at her. Sarah was right, he felt like crap but he needed to go to New York today.
"Are you sure you want to go?"
"Yeah, I already had to cancel everything, I can't let these people down too. No singing, just talking."
Sarah smiled. "They're all going to love your voice."
"My fans love me regardless of my hoarse voice."
"So do I," Sarah reached in to give him a gentle kiss, "and don't you forget it."

Richie wanted to say something more but Daniel could be heard from the opposite room and Sarah had left to go to his aide before he could say anything more.

When he finally found the strength to get up and put on a pair of pants, Richie followed to where Sarah had gone.

In Daniel's room, Sarah was sitting in the rocking chair, nursing him.
Richie stayed in the doorway and watched.

"You know that's the most precious thing in the world?" Richie asked.
Sarah gently smiled up and him. "What?"
"Moms feeding their babies, it's a special thing. Such closeness, it's a special bond that just moms can have."
"You thought that much about it?" Sarah asked confused.
"Not really, it just is."
"I guess that's true." Sarah agreed. "Not like you can do it."
"Nope, I get the joy of talking to him about the birds and the bees."
Sarah chuckled. "That's ages still."
"Have to prepare mentally for it." Richie countered. "I'm gonna go get ready."

Back in the bedroom, he got his clothes together and packed a bag to take to New York. Sure he was feeling terrible but he wasn't letting his fans down any more than he already had. They were looking forward to and as long a he didn't sing, he should be alright.

He wasn't flying til a few hours later and would fly home after the short event. It would be more relaxing if he stayed the night at the hotel but he wanted to be home more than that he wanted to relax. Missing Daniel was something he hadn't done yet and wasn't looking forward to.

Before heading downstairs, he took a few painkillers to make his headache go away and hopefully feel a little better, then made sure they were in reach in his travel bag.

Sarah walked in with Daniel a few minutes later. Getting settled on the bed, she moved her pillows to be able to sit as she held her son.

"You know how lucky we are? He's so calm, hardy ever cries." Richie got back in bed, puling the blankets back over him, he felt they were still warm.
"Just when he's hungry." Sarah answered. "Noah was like that too."
"Yeah?" Richie asked as Sarah nodded. "By the way, Ava doesn't want to go to her mom's house so do you mind she stays here with you?"
Sarah smiled, knowing Ava wanted to see her little brother. She had already proved herself as a great older sister. "Of course I don't. It's her house too."

Richie reached out to stroke Daniel's short, light hair. With his blond hair and blue eyes he always looked angelic, especially when he was sleeping or simply resting quietly. So far he was a very calm baby. Things could change, they both knew and they had only started, there were many years to look forward to but now they had to enjoy Daniel as a little baby.

"I'm gonna miss him." Richie confessed. "I'm gonna show a picture of him tonight."
"You haven't done that on Twitter yet?"
"No. I wanted to keep him all to myself but I'll show a picture tonight to update everyone. Kinda good I got sick, otherwise I would have missed it."
Sarah shrugged, not thinking it was good he was but in a way he was right.

Carefully, Richie reached out to take Daniel from Sarah arms. He had to leave soon.

He gently laid Daniel on top his chest, cuddling him. He hoped his son still had the newborn baby smell, he just couldn't smell right now.

It was still unbelievable he finally had the son he had always dreamed of, his tiny baby boy. As perfect as his older brothers and sister were but just that little different. His first baby with Sarah and honestly he hoped it wouldn't be their last, at least one more baby would be nice. He'd need to talk to Sarah about it.


  1. That's sweet. Hmm another baby, it'd have to be soon :)

  2. Aaawww nice... I love how you are adding all the solo tour issues. I was in NYC at the M&G cant wait to see hiw you cover that... Great job. Wish more chapters very soon.