Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chapter Fifty-six

A few days later, Richie found Sarah with Daniel in the living room. Forgetting what he was doing, he sat down next to Sarah and wrapped an arm around her, pulling her close against him.

His son was smiling up at his as Sarah sighed annoyed.

"What's wrong?" Richie asked quickly.
"Space?" Sarah asked, shrugging away Richie's arm.
"You need space?" He asked confused.
Sarah moved a little uneasy, "You're so close to me, constantly."
Richie frowned, not understanding at all.
"You can't even leave me alone for five seconds."
Still frowning, Richie asked, "What's wrong?" Sarah had never minded him being close why would she now?
Sarah sighed.
"What?" Richie insisted.
Sighing again, Sarah answered. "I'm just tired."
"Tired?" Richie asked confused. "Are you sure that's it?"
"Yes. Daniel needs constant attention and I just want a few minutes to myself."
He nodded. "Okay, so give him to me and go nap?"
Sarah frowned, considering it.
"Come on, I'm not sick anymore. It's been over a week."
"Yeah, alright." Sarah gently moved her son over.
Richie took him gently and cuddled him. "Now you go to bed and nap as long as you need to. I'll be daddy."
Sarah nodded and got up from the couch. "Thanks." She said before leaving.

A few hours later, Sarah walked back down the stairs, having a view of the living room where Richie was pacing as he was making a phone call.
Quietly Sarah walked in, wondering who he was talking to. When he didn't say anything at all and hung up the phone, he looked at Sarah. His look was worried and confused.

"What's wrong?" Sarah asked.
"I can't get a hold of mom."
Sarah frowned. "Why? She's in England."
"The storm got a lot worse. I called David and his house is totally flooded. Mom's is probably too, that's why she won't answer the phone."
"Rich?" Sarah asked. "She's in England."
"What?" He asked confused, too worried to make sense of that.
"In England, visiting friends, remember? She left last week."
Richie's face cleared up immediately when he finally understood. "Oh. Right."
"Then I should call her neighbors to check out how bad it is."
"You could try that. Where's Daniel?"
Richie pointed at the playpen. "He's sleeping."

Sarah went over to look at her son. Richie was right, he was sound asleep. There was no reason to wake him up. His meal could wait until he woke up. Sleeping babies should be left to sleep.

She turned around to see Richie worrying again.

Quietly walking over, Sarah took his iPhone before he could react.

"Now sit down and watch the news some more. You don't need to phone anyone. They're busy with cleaning up and your mom isn't anywhere near it."
"What about everyone else that lives there?" Richie protested.
"You can't do anything right now. The power is out, phone is probably out too and they're all trying to deal with what just happened. Your mom and friends are safe, tomorrow you can phone as many people as you like." Sarah explained, hoping he would understand it.
"I guess." Richie sighed as he sat down on the couch.

Sarah sat down next to him and moved close against him.

"Don't need space anymore?"
"Need my husband." Sarah smiled gently and reached in for a soft kiss.

Just then Daniel announced he was awake and more than reading for his afternoon snack.

"Sounds like somebody else needs you." Richie said, letting go of Sarah and getting up.

He looked over the edge of the playpen. "Hey buddy, mommy's right here." He gently picked him up, supporting his head. "Chill, you're getting food."

Sarah had arranged her shirt so she was ready to feed the baby as Richie passed him over.

"He's hungry." Richie commented as he sat down again, watching his son starting to eat immediately.
"Yeah, he was supposed to eat half an hour ago."
"When did you last eat?" Richie wondered.
Sarah stroked her son's back as she thought about it. "This morning, I guess."
"Then you really need to eat." Richie said, already getting up to prepare lunch for Sarah.


  1. This chapter was great because it shows how exhausted parents get when they have a baby that demands attention like Daniel does.
    Now Richie go fix you and Sarah something to eat while she feeds your son.

  2. Uh oh, grouchy mama bear. Good thing Richie knew the best thing was to take Daniel & let her have a break. (And can I say I love it that he said "I'll be daddy." I know too many dads who refer to spending time with their kids as "babysitting" instead of just being daddy and I *hate* that!)