Sunday, November 10, 2013

Chapter Fifty-five

Richie happily walked out of the theatre after the fan event.

It had been an amazing few hours to meet his fans and talk to everyone. His throat hurt now but he still felt happy.

After answering all the questions everyone had thought of, Richie had brought out his own surprise. Calmly he had waited for the technical programs to do their task and after a few minutes the crowd could see a picture of Daniel. Everyone aw'ed immediately, making Richie feel proud of his son.

He got into the car that was waiting for him to drive to the airport.

The drive was short but it wasn't until he was on the airplane that he felt relaxed again. He wanted to get home to his family again.

Once the airplane was high up in the air, Richie tried to sleep but unlike usually, the loud engines kept him awake.

Luckily, with the change time and the time it took to get back home, he'd be home around the usual time he and Sarah were able to go to sleep after Daniel's last meal. Too bad he had missed it today but he could make up for it by feeding him at 4 am. He'd have to get up in the middle of the night but he didn't mind one bit. For Daniel he would do everything.

Only 5 days old, but already all his electronics were full of pictures of his baby. Remembering that fact, he picked out his iPad and looked at pictures of Daniel.

"Is that your baby?" A stewardess noticed as she walked past.
Richie look up, smiling. "Yeah, my boy."
"How old is he?" She leaned in a little to see the pictures better.
"Just 5 days, he was born Friday night."
"He's adorable. Congradulations."
"Thanks." Richie smiled at her again.
The stewardess smiled and nodded and continues her work.

The plane had an entertainment set for every passenger but Richie couldn't find any interesting tv shows or movies. Music always interested him and picking out an album cover that looked cool or a title that sounded interesting, he selected the album and plugged in the headphones to listen to it as he continued to look at all the pictures of Daniel he had.

The pictures weren't only of Daniel, often somebody was holding him. His older brothers and older sister were crazy about him too. It was amazing to see how much a tiny person like him could be loved so much.

Daniel still had to meet a lot of people but a plane wasn't a good place for such a small child, they'd wait for everyone to come to their house.

Abbey was still helping out at home but soon Richie's own mom would come to visit her new grandchihld too. Of course they had sent her pictures already but as she was abroad, it wasn't easy to just come over. As soon as her vacation was over, she was planning to visit her family. Richie looked forward to it very much, he might be grown up and have his own children but he still liked it when his mother came to visit. Time was a precious thing.

Finally the plane landed, to his relief, now he could finally get home.

He packed all of his belongings, which weren't much, his iPad and a few business files. That was all he had brought so he wouldn't have to go through baggage claim. That way he could save time.

Outside, it was very dark, a car was waiting to drive him home.

Putting his bag next to him on the car seat, he leaned his head back against the head rest. So close to home, he started to feel very tired. It had been a long and busy day. Besides that, the headache hadn't left him all day. Being sick never worked for him. Other people would have a cold for a few days but he always had to develop something else and stay sick for weeks. He hated it, especially now with Daniel. A baby's immune system wasn't that powerful yet.

The drive home went smoothly, no trafic and only took about half an hour.

Gladly he got out of the car and walked into the house. The spaceous entry was dark and quiet. As he had hoped, everyone had already gone to bed. Hopefully Sarah had been able to do so too. Daniel was a happy little baby that loved to be cuddled and held after he ate. He would do so later that night so Sarah could catch up on some sleep.

Leaving his bag by the stairs, he quietly walked up the stairs.

Instead of going into his own bedroom, he walked into the opposite room. Turning on the small light that stood in the corner so it wouldn't create too much light. On the rocking chair that Sarah had picked out, laid Daniel's stuffed animals, except for one.

Richie walked over to the crib but found it empty, only the stuffed animal he had bought for his son was laying in the bed.

Turning around and turning the light off again, he walked to his own bedroom to find the most precious scene he could imagine. The nightlight on Sarah's bedside table was still on, breaking the darkness of the room.

In bed, Sarah was reclining against her pillows, asleep with Daniel sleeping cuddled on her chest.

The sight was adorable, it had become clear that was Daniel's favorite way to sleep but thinking it wasn't safe, Richie carefully picked him up and laid him in the basinete next to their bed. That way he didn't have to go far.

When Richie turned around, he saw he had woken up Sarah. "Sorry." He said as he started to undress.
"It's okay, we fell asleep together. He needs to sleep alone too."
"You looked very sweet." When the only clothes he was wearing were his boxers, he got in bed. "I missed you." Moving close to his wife, he wrapped his arms around his.
Sarah easily adjusted to the new position and laid her head on Richie's shoulder to sleep.


  1. I love Richie when he is in family mode. Nothing sexier than a man wanting to be with his newborn baby and family.