Sunday, October 13, 2013

Chapter Fifty

38 weeks

"Maybe you're right." Sarah said after going through another contraction, the previous one had only been 5 minutes ago.
"We should go to the hospital then." He said, getting off the bed to help Sarah up.
"Yeah." Sarah agreed and let him help her up.

Before going downstairs, Richie hurried to Ava's room, informing her where they were going.

Once in the car, Sarah felt another contraction. They were getting more painful each time.

"We'll be at the hospital in a few minutes. Hang in there." Richie encouraged as he started the car.

Luckily Richie was right and they were able to reach the hospital in a few minutes. Late Thursday night traffic was working in their advantage.

As soon as Richie parked the car, Sarah swung her car door open, eager to get out and finally go through labor. The past two weeks with Sammy acting up so often, were bad enough. Now she wasn't leaving without a baby in her arms.

"Wait, I'll help you." Richie came around the car to help his wife out of the seat.

At the entrance, Richie helped Sarah into a wheelchair, having a short flash back to when she first joined him on tour and they had spent an evening at a hospital in Germany, today would hurt a lot more but their reward would be one of the greatest gifts.

After checking in, quick examination by a doctor, Sarah was admitted and lead to the maternity ward.

This is it.

"Daddy, keep an eye on mommy." The nurse said after helping Sarah get situated in bed.
Richie watched her go and then took Sarah's hand again, giving her a firm squeeze. "You're doing great. We'll get to meet our child in a little while"
Sarah nodded, not really listening to him but trying to get through the pain of another contraction.
"Should I get you anything?"
"No, stay here." She held his hand tighter, not wanting to leave.

A few minutes later, Sarah's doctor walked in. "Mr. and Mrs. Sambora, I heard baby Sambora will be joining us soon. Lets see how soon." She immediately did her few checks.
"And?" Richie asked, still sounding terribly hoarse.
"Wow, is that because of a cold?" The doctor asked.
Confused for a few seconds, Richie stared at her, then realized she meant his hoarse voice. "From singing." He explained quickly.
She handed him a mask. "Wear one anyway, don't want to risk that." She said, making sure he put it on. "We're ready to go." She announced next.

One of the nurses came in to help them to the delivery room. On the way there, Richie didn't let go of Sarah's hand.

Once everything was settled and ready, Sarah was told to push. With the contractions being so close together, there wasn't anything else she could do than listen to her body and push.
Richie forgot about how hard Sarah was squeezing the bones in his hand together, watching her go through labor was his complete focus. His beautiful wife was giving life to their child, who cared about his hand being crushed?

Knowing Sarah was going through immense pain, he encouraged her as much as he could.

"Crowning." The doctor announced.
"Almost there. Just a few more pushes." Richie encouraged.
Sarah almost screamed with the  next contraction and push.
"Few more." Richie repeated, supporting Sarah as she pushed.
The doctor looked up at Sarah. "One more big push to get the shoulders and you're done."
Sarah nodded and leaned back a little.

For no use because the next contraction was there before she could take a breath.

Once again Richie supported her through it, wincing when she screamed of pain, feeling bad that she had to go through all that pain.

Then another cry made him  forget about the pain and all the hard work she had to go through.

Relieved, Sarah laid back, happily listening to the discontented cry as Richie cut the umbilical cord, watching him, she could see the tears in his eyes.

She only had to miss him from her side for a few seconds.

"Thank you." He pulled his mask down and kissed her deeply, showing all his thanks and love. "I love you so much." He said once he pulled back from the kiss.

She reached out to wipe away the tears from his eyes and kissed him again.


  1. *cough* I'm not gonna comment on the "Hospital and birth". But I will complain about being left hanging AGAIN!

    1. You wont? Why not? What did I do wrong about the hospital?
      I like leaving you all hanging, I hope more people comment then but they obviously dont

  2. No it was great, that's what gives it the excitement and makes you more eager to read. Aww what's Sammy going to be? :)