Friday, September 20, 2013

Chapter Forty-four

34 weeks

Friday was Sarah's very last day. Today she'd be saying goodbye to the hospital, everyone she had met and became friends with, everything she had done and accomplished.

It felt like an ending of a chapter of her life. She was quitting her job as a receptionist and was starting her new job as a full time mommy. Sammy wasn't there yet but she had three other children to take care of.

Another part of her life was starting, she was going to be a mommy all over again. Her other children had grown up and soon would be off to college. With Sammy she was starting over again. It made her somewhat nervous too. Was she still a good mother? Did she still know how to take care of a baby? Sarah tried not to think of it and figured it was like riding a bike, something you weren't able to forget.

There were still 6 weeks to remember everything. Even though Richie wouldn't be there during the last final weeks, everything around the house was ready for Sammy's arrival. A few things were missing but they would be able to get everything in order after Richie got back. A car seat, a stroller, it could wait, as long as Sammy had a bed to sleep in.

After David's suggestion of naming the baby David, Richie and Sarah had agreed that it wasn't an option. David would have way too much fun with that. What they did decided to start thinking of was godparents, they hadn't picked out any yet. Richie had suggested Jon and Dorothea since Jon was his best friend but Sarah wanted to put more thought in to it. They both didn't have siblings so that wasn't a possibility either.

It were all worries for later, now she had finished her job and was leaving everything at the hospital behind her.

On the way home she felt both sadness and happiness about leaving the job.

She was glad to find Richie in the hallway when she got home and walked in. He must have known, immediately he wrapped his arms around her and hugged her.

"Think of all the time you get with Sammy." He said, before lightly kissing her.
"I know." Sarah sighed.
"And you made a lot of friends. As soon as Sammy is here, they'll all be around here to visit again."
Sarah smiled. "Yeah."
"We can go lay down for a bit if you want."

Sarah agreed again and followed Richie to their bedroom.

A few minutes later she was in bed cuddling him, perfectly comfortable with her fantastic husband. He always soothed her and made her feel relaxed again. Happiness took over of sadness.

Sarah woke up alone, turning over she checked the time. Two hours had passed. Her stomach reminded her that dinner was over.

Carefully she got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up.

Walking down the stairs, Sarah could hear people talking in the living room. Quite a few people. She didn't remember Richie telling her he was having company tonight.

"Hey honey." Richie said when he noticed Sarah walking in the room. "Surprise." He smiled as he walked over to once again wrap his arms around her.

The room was full of Sarah's collegues from work, everyone she had called her friends.

Taylor wast he first to speak. "It's your goodbye party and baby shower."
"Baby shower?" Sarah asked confused.
"You hadn't had one yet and we all agreed to get a few things for the baby, something more useful than a goodbye present." Taylor explained.

Sarah looked around and noticed the table full of presents and two large ones standing on the floor next to the table.

"You didn't have to do this." Sarah said.
"We did." Taylor said happily.

After unwrapping the gifts, Sarah realized Taylor was right, they did need the gifts. The two large wrapped boxes were the last things they needed for Sammy, a stroller and a car seat.

The rest of the gifts were smaller, a few more clothes, bottles, stuffed animals  and other toys for the baby.

For Sarah it was great to see all her collegues after work, it made saying goodbye different, a more happy occasion and less like she was leaving forever. She had made friends and they would still visit her at home.

"Happy?" Richie asked her when they had a quiet minute to themselves.
"Yeah. Who's idea was this?" Sarah asked.
"Taylor of course, she asked me if she could throw you a party and after you went to sleep, that was just perfect." He smiled.
"You helped?"
"A tiny little bit." He held her fingers closely together to indicate how little.
"Thanks." She smiled up at him and kissed him.
Breaking apart from their kiss, Richie said. "You have to thank Taylor though."

Sarah nodded.

A few minutes later she had took Taylor apart and thanked her for the party. Taylor had been the first one that she had connected with on a friendship level among her collegues. Eventhough Sarah knew Taylor had a crush her hushand, Taylor had never made that obvious and hadn't invaded on their relationship in any way.

Taylor was a real friend.

The party made Sarah cheer up about quitting her job and staying home for Sammy. Especially now that they had everything they needed for Sammy.

Now the only thing they still needed was Sammy.


  1. Awww that is so sweet of everyone especially Taylor and Richie.It's all happening now. Richies tour, the birth of Sammy, need to get a name for Sammy and find out who the Godparents are. Maybe Tico and David?? Great chapter, keep them rolling :)

  2. That was so nice of her coworkers to throw her a surprise baby shower!
    Now I hope that Sammy behaves and waits for daddy to return! And Tico would make a great Godfather.

  3. What a sweet thing having Sara's coworkers throw her a baby shower/goodbye party. I admit in the beginning I had my reservations about Taylor being around Sara because of her being a fan of Richies, but she has turned out to be a great friend to the Samboras, especially Sara.

    I agree with Bay. Tico would make the perfect Godfather.