Saturday, September 14, 2013

Chapter Forty-three

33 weeks

During the weekend they finished Sammy's nursery room. The room had already been painted in different tones of brown. Along with the furniture, all the decorations were put in place too. Both were please with how the room looked and the fact they had finished it in record time.

"Looks great." Richie decided.
Sarah agreed as she sat down in the rocking chair. "Soon." She rocked the chair gently. "Who's all coming Tuesday?" Sarah looked up at her husband for an answer.

Tuesday they'd celebrate Richie's album release with some friends and family. Everything for the party had been arranged and by how many times the record had already been pre-sold, they knew it would be a success.

The tour would be amazing and Sarah felt disappointed and left out she wouldn't be able to go until the last two shows that were closer to home and even then she doubted she would be able to.

Richie playing at home, just for her was great too but it wasn't the same vibe as at a concert. Last year she had started to love seeing Richie play in concert, it did something to him. It was special to him and everyone that could see him. Unique, passion and desire.

"Everyone we invited..." Richie hesitated.
"Except Jon?" Sarah asked, already having a feeling she was right.
"Yeah." Richie sighed.
"His loss." Sarah tried to help with her words but knew it didn't.

Slowly she got up from the chair to hug her husband.

"Your album is great. Everyone already loved the single, the tour is sold out and you loved working on it." She reminded him about it all.
"Yeah." Richie agreed unsure.
"You had every right to make the album, Jon promised you all a break but soon as you start recording he gets jealous and wants an album too. He's scared you'll be successful and he'll need a new guitar player." Sarah knew what happened the past year and was almost sure she was right about Jon.
"He's not jealous. He's the same as me, when the music comes to you, you can't help it. You have to write it, play it." Richie denied it.

Jon was his best friend, why would he be jealous if he was successful? David had been successful on his own and so had Tico with his art and clothing line for children.

"He delayed the album release and the tour so I could do my solo." Richie explained.
"Then why isn't he coming? He didn't even stop by when he was on vacation here in the summer." Sarah put in.

Word had been out that Jon and his family had visited parks in California during the summer, but they hadn't stopped by their house for a quick visit.

Richie shrugged. "His vacation, they must have had other plans."
Sarah wasn't that easily satisfied and didn't buy the story but it seemed like Richie did. "Lets go watch TV, we had a busy day decorating."
Richie nodded, agreeing. "It's perfect, Sammy will love it."

Tuesday Richie was busy with more promotions for his new album. He had been busy with promotions the last few weeks and would be busy with it for a while long. The interviews were great, he didn't only get to talk about his music but was also asked about Sarah's pregnancy and their baby. Almost everyone asked to know the sex of the baby but so far he had managed to keep it a secret. Although he hoped next time Sarah would want to know before the birth.

By now Sammy was fast becoming his favorite subject to talk about. At the moment it was a tie with the new album.

After his interview he drove to the airport to pick his mom up. She was spending a few days with the family.

For November they had made arrangements so Joan could stay a few weeks. By then Sammy would be born and she would want to spent time with her new grandchild.

Abbey lives closer-by, it was easier for her to come visit but while Richie was going on tour in Europe and North-America, she'd move in to one of the guestrooms until Richie was home again. By then Sarah was close to the end of her pregnancy and with Abbey there they both felt safer in case anything would happen while Sarah was alone.

After picking up Joan from the airport, Richie made a stop at the school to pick up his daughter and his soon to be sons. He still needed to talk to them, make sure of everything and what they wanted to do and how. He was excited about the idea and had been able to talk to his lawyer about the possibilities but so far he hadn't had the change to talk to Caleb and Noah in private.

Around 6 pm the guests started arriving. They hadn't invited that many friends and therefor Richie had decided to celebrate at home. During the day a caterer had set up in the kitchen so everyone would be able to have something to eat.

All the band members of both his bands had been able to make it to the party except Jon. He tried not to think of it even though he thought of Jon as his best friend. Somewhat, he felt left down by him but everyone else had made it and was praising him for the new album. So far they too loved everything about it, they all knew what had happened in the last few years with Richie's personal life and heard the process of those years through the lyrics and music.

Sarah's evening was very different from Richie's even-though they were in the same room all night. Everyone came up to her to talk about Sammy and ask all sorts of questions.

"You know what would be a great name for the baby if it's a boy?"
"No David, but I'm sure you'll tell me in a second." Sarah said, already fearing what odd name suggestion he'd have.
"Davey. It's a great name, strong too but I suggest you name it David so it doesn't have to go through life being a diminutive and also, if you'd have a godfather named David, it's even better."
Sarah nodded. "Are you trying be godfather, Davey?"
"Just a suggestion." He said, trying not to make a big deal out of it.
"We haven't really talked about godparents yet but I'll tell Richie you really want the job."
"Job? What job?" Richie had head the last few words Sarah had said.
She smiled up at her husband. "David wants to be godfather. He also thinks David would be a great name for Sammy."
"Davey while he's small though, that's cuter." David pointed out.
Richie considered it. "I don't know, I was really set on just using Samuel."
"Samuel Sambora?" David questioned. "That just repetitious. Davey is a much better name."
"We really haven't decided a name yet." Sarah stepped in again, already knowing Samuel wasn't on the list of names they agreed on.
"Just add Davey." David suggested again.
"We'll let you know when the baby is born." Richie said. "Anyway, you should meet my keyboard player." He pulled David away, ignoring his attempts to suggest the name Davey some more.

Sarah shook her head. Davey? She didn't think so, David would have too much fun with it while Sammy was growing up. Richie and her had set up a list of names that they both had agreed on and neither Samuel or Davey were on the list. Luckily, Samantha wasn't there either. About that David was right, it would be too repetitive so have those first 3 letters in both first and last name. They also hadn't agreed on a definite name yet but still had 7 weeks to do so.

When Richie had another free minute, to his surprise his lawyer showed up at the door with information about adopting stepchildren. He had asked for the information as soon as possible but hadn't thought about it being tonight.

He agreed to a quick conversation and lead the man to his office.

That's where Sarah found him half an hour later after everyone asked her where Richie had gone too.

He was finishing up with the lawyers and could add another folder of papers to the stack on his desk.

"What was that about?" Sarah asked after the lawyer had left the room.
"Adoption forms."
"Oh." His answers surprised her. "Did you get to talk to Caleb and Noah about it?"
"Not yet but with this," He gestured to the folder, "it might be easier. It's got all the info about what we can do and how. The bad thing is, we need to contact Jonathan for it. He needs to sign papers too." He sighed. "Do you think he will?" Having seen Jonathan in the summer, he knew what a jerk he was and wasn't sure if he'd allow them any sort of happiness.
"I hope so." Sarah said, having the same doubts.


  1. Jon should be there to support Richie no matter what is going on between them.
    Lol, I think its adorable David was hinting about naming the baby after him as well as pitching for the role of godfather.
    Great chapter, Twyla : )

  2. Hmmmm, David is a great name! Though I don't think he could be a godfather for a Sambora.
    And Jon, WTF is wrong with you?!?!? I feel like strangling you in RL and fiction...

  3. That's not very nice Jon.
    Aww, David's cute lol
    Good luck adopting.