Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Chapter Forty-two

33 weeks

Friday Sarah was at work at the hospital, all her colleagues and friends were getting exciting about the baby being born soon. Many said they had bought gifts for the baby and encouraged Sarah to throw a baby shower but Sarah had plans of another kind of party.

She wasn't ready yet to announce it and kept it quiet with her boss, she didn't want too much hassle about it.

One way she felt bad for leaving everyone but when Noah and Caleb were babies, she was the only one working and supporting a family of four. After divorce, when she became depressed, she had been home all the time and spent every day with them but for Sammy she wanted to stay home. To see the baby grow. She wanted to be there for every little thing and now she had the possibility to. A job hadn't been necessary for her, she didn't need to work to earn money, she had a loving and supporting husband.

After work she went home, feeling not too bad. She'd work another week before Richie left for Europe. That way they could still spend a week together before being separated. they both weren't looking forward to it in that way but Richie had a great opportunity to tour for his solo album. Sarah was so proud of what he had accomplished with it. The album was amazing and the tour would be too. Richie was very excited about it.

Arriving at home, the house seemed empty, the kitchen and the living room were deserted.

"Richie? Honey?" She called up the stairs as she walked up. Passing their bedroom, she quickly glanced in but Richie's swearing made her turn around to see Sammy's room.
"Fucking thing! Fit!" Richie ordered the wooden planks.
Sarah chuckled and walked in, seeing him sitting on the floor trying to put the bed together. Something inside her changed, all of a sudden she saw how handsome her husband was. His beautiful face, his luscious lips, his body, so manly. "You look so sexy." She stepped closer.
Richie looked up, thinking he had misunderstood her. "What?" He asked confused and started to explain what he was doing. "I thought I'd put the furniture together as a surprise. It all arrived this morning." He said as he got up to greet his wife with a kiss but Sarah didn't leave it as a greeting kiss and soon deepened the kiss, pulling her husband close against her.

She could feel his arms around her, his big hands stroking her back.

Finally Richie could pull back from the kiss. "Are you okay?" He asked a little surprised by the sudden turn of events.
"I've missed you." Sarah answered before pulling him back for another kiss.

Already she could feel Richie hardening against her. The man loved sex and was always ready for it. It had already been a month, but now she needed him and knew he needed her too.

Carefully Richie pulled back again. "Bedroom?" He asked, taking Sarah's hand and crossing the hallway to their room and shutting the door behind them.

Once the door was closed, he pulled his shirt over his head, he wasn't letting this opportunity pass. He helped Sarah out of her work clothes and soon enough they were both naked in bed.

"You're so beautiful." He let his fingers gently stroke over her belly.
Softly Sarah smiled at him, raising her hand to cup his cheek and run her thumb along his jawline. "So are you." She reached up to kiss him again as her hand traveled southwards, her eyes followed soon. "Haven't seen him in a while." She referred to his penis.
"Don't you see he missed you? He's very excited to see you."
"I see but he's always excited to see me." Her hand wrapped around it and started stroking.
"Let's not waste time with that." Richie pleaded. "I want you." He leaned back in to kiss his beautiful wife.

Gently he pushed her so she laid on her back again. Carefully Richie moved over her, breaking their kiss, he tried to keep most of his weight off of Sarah's pregnant belly, supporting on his arms. The thought of not being able to kiss in that position left both their minds as Richie entered her.

It had been to long. At first Richie maintained slow and long thrusts so Sarah could enjoy every second and every move they made together but soon passion took over, along with his arms getting heavier.

Richie thrusted faster but by Sarah's soft moans and whimpers, he knew she needed it just as much as he did.

They both had reached a high quickly. All of last month's bottled up emotions and desire.

Sarah moaned louder and tightened around him, the combination of it made Richie plunge over the edge. A few more stroked, he emptied himself inside her and rode out her orgasm before moving off of her and laid down by her side.

After catching her breath, Sarah spoke. "That was so amazing." She turned to her side to snuggle.
Richie wrapped his arms around her, pulling the sheets over them. "It was. I love you so much." He smiled as he found her lips for another sweet kiss.

Together they enjoyed the bliss of sex, letting silence surround them.

"I was going to tell you something but you distracted me." Sarah finally said, breaking their silence.
"Me? How did I distract you?"
"By looking so sexy and hot. So manly while putting furniture together."
Richie laughed out loud. "That's your new turn on? Me putting furniture together? I should have waited with all the rest then."
Sarah chuckled and kissed his chest.
"So what were you going to tell me?" Richie wondered.
"I'm quitting my job." Sarah said. "I want to enjoy our time before you tour, then I want to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy and I want to be there for Sammy afterwards." She felt like she had to justify her choice.
"It's up to you honey. If that's what you want, it's perfectly fine."
"Thank you." She showed her appreciation with another passionate kiss.


  1. Awwwww! DIY Richie is sexy!
    I'm glad Sarah is finally quitting her job! She needs to be with her family.

  2. Glad Sarah is going to stay home with the baby. She deserves to be able to stay home with Sammy to enjoy their time together.
    Richie is a sexy beast no matter what he is doing.

  3. Aww, I love the images of Richie putting together the baby's room as a surprise! Would have been even better if he was a little sweaty and shirtless as he worked! Yummy!

    So glad Sarah made the decision to quit her job and actually have it be her choice this time! She'll get to be with her family all the time!

  4. Oh la la :P
    That's very cute.
    Hopefully the baby doesn't come early.