Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chapter Forty-One

31 weeks

Next Tuesday was Sarah's next day off but she didn't plan on spending it leisurely. Richie had left to bring everyone to school as Sarah cleaned up the kitchen and went to get ready upstairs. She took a quick shower and dressed.

By the time Richie walked in to the front door, Sarah was ready to go.

"Going out?" He asked confused when he saw Sarah standing ready.
"We're going out." Sarah clarified.
"Where are we going?"
"The Little Red Barn, Drool maybe Babys R Us and Babyland." Sarah listed the stores as a way of answer.
"Shopping for Sammy?" Richie asked, already turning around, ready to leave again.

Sarah followed him.
"Yeah, we had a busy summer, we haven't been able to get anything yet and you'll be leaving in a few weeks."
"Off we go then. Which place first?"
"The Little Red Barn."

With satellite navigation they easily found the shop. Richie helped Sarah out of the car and together they walked into the store.

A lot of the baby furniture on display was very classic and mostly simple. Sarah pointed everything out that she thought was cute until a store assistant walked up to them to ask if they needed any help.

Together with the shop assistant, Richie and Sarah picked out a crib and a wardrobe, both in white. As mostly everything in the store, the two pieces of furniture were classic but child's safety wasn't neglected.

Picking out the bedding, they stayed neutral with the colors, which was hard for Richie to do.

They paid for the order and arranged for everything to be delivered before the weekend.

"Too bad they don't have a rocking chair." Sarah said as they walked out of the store again.
"You want one? Maybe at the next store." Richie opened the car door for her and helped her in.
She waited for Richie to get in the car too before continuing. "Yeah, to rock Sammy to sleep or to cuddle."
Richie nodded understanding. "We'll find one."

At the next store, Richie helped Sarah out of the car and took her hand in his as they walked into the store.

Again a lady came over to help them, she lead them to a corner where a few rocking chairs stood and informed them there were more than what was on display and left them alone.

Sarah sat down in a white chair, gently pushing off her feet so the chair rocked. Richie sat down in the chair next to her, it had a rocking foot chair to go with it but he wisely kept his feet off and watched his wife. Sarah was still rocking gently, her hands resting on her belly.

"Isn't this perfect?" Sarah asked, catching his gaze. "Just this, rocking. Sammy's calm."
"How about the chair? Want that one then?"
Sarah nodded. "Yeah, it fits with everything else too."
"What about a playpen or a bassinet? We're not done yet." He reminded her gently. Richie got up from the chair and held his hands out to pull Sarah up from the chair.
"I'm fat." Sarah complained, being so big she needed help to get up sometimes.
"No you aren't, you're pregnant, carrying our baby in there. Our flesh and blood." Richie pointed out.

They found a playpen that would fit in the living room so Sammy could be with family during the daytime. It was big enough to play and sleep in. Sarah hadn't picked out white wood but a color that would blend in with the rest of the living room.

The play pen they agreed on would even be useful as Sammy grew up, they could lowed the platform once Sammy would learn to roll over and sit.

It was almost noon by now and Sarah was getting tired but she'd rather finish the job than have to start over the next day she wasn't working.

At the next store they picked out little clothes. The offer was immense but they knew a tiny baby wouldn't fit the same clothes it wore the week before and because Sarah didn't know the sex yet, they decided on simple colored onesies that would work with a boy and a girl. The baby needed something to wear but they also decided not to overdo it and keep the cute outfits for when Sammy would be able to wear it at least twice before growing out of it.

Even though he tried, Richie couldn't resist a shirt with a guitar on it.

"It works for both, girls like guitars." He claimed.
"Girls like the guys that play guitar." Sarah pointed out.
"It still works." He added the guitar shirt to the cart and went on to add a purple shirt.

Sarah watched him pick out clothes, one item would make her think Sammy would be a girl, the next, a boy. It was confusing and she gave up as they went to look at bed sheets.

There she found the most adorable baby blanket with Winnie the Pooh on it. It would be perfect for the playpen. Winnie The Pooh was a classic and popular with boys and girls. In the ends they had two sets of sheets, clothes and stuffed animals, all Winnie and his friends.

They added a few more baby toys, blankets and a comforter and made the last big purchase of a chair that would let a baby lay back and a sitting baby sit, all the way to the age of toddler and a special car seat that could be used to travel.

"Is that it?" Richie asked when they concluded their shopping.
Sarah thought hard, crossing things off her mental list. "Bottles, breast pump and pacifiers, maybe diapers."
"We should wait with diapers but lets get the bottles." Richie suggested.

And instead of checking out they turned back around into the store to find the last items.

"I'm beat." Sarah announced when they finally arrived home.
Richie reached to hug her. "Go up to bed and nap, honey. I have to pick up everyone from school anyway." He gave her a short kiss..
"Wake me up when you get back?" She asked when her lips were released.
"I will."

Sarah went upstairs to bed as Richie unloaded the car, relieved that all the large items would be delivered later that week. He had a big car but it wouldn't have fit all of that.  They had spent a very large amount of money but he couldn't be happier about it. Everything Sammy would need, Sammy would get.


  1. Cute chapter. Baby shopping is always fun.

  2. Wow! ALL baby shopping in one day!?!?! Super parents!

  3. ""Girls like the guys that play guitar." Sarah pointed out."

    Hehehe...surprised he didn't freak out at that comment! No man wants to think about his daughter (baby or older) liking a boy!