Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chapter Forty

31 weeks

"I've missed this." Sarah said as they sat down at their table.

Richie had reserved a table at a beautiful restaurant. If it had any stars, didn't matter to Sarah. The restaurant had a romantic atmosphere, tables with white linen, candles on every table and a small vase with a single red rose stood in the middle.

She could always depend on Richie to find the most romantic places to go.

"Going to a restaurant?" Richie asked. "We went to Pizza Hut last month."
"No, romance."

A small smile formed on his lips as he looked at Sarah. She was right, the romance had been cooled down during the last month. He understood Sarah was going through a rough patch with the lawsuit going on. Besides that she was in the last two months of her pregnancy.

He loved how large her belly was now, knowing his child was growing there. Only two more months before Sammy would finally really be there.

Sarah wanted a daughter, she had told him a lot while they were still trying to get pregnant a year ago but since she was pregnant, she hadn't mentioned it anymore. He wished he could tell her but he had promised to keep it secret and was determined to do so.

Now that the lawsuit was behind them and everyone was back in school, their lives should turn back to normal.

"We have a lot of other things to do now. We still need to decorate a room for Sammy." Sarah reminded him.
Suddenly Richie realized it too. "We haven't even decided which room the baby would get."
Sarah smiled at what he said, Sammy was her most favorite topic to talk about right now. "I was thinking the room across of ours or next to us. That way we're always close by."
Richie nodded. "That sounds like a good idea. do you want to hire a decorator for the room?" He asked.
Sarah shook her head. "No, you're leaving soon. I want us to do it together. All of it, decorating, putting the furniture together and go buy clothes."
"Sounds like we have a plan for next week."
"I have another plan for right now." Sarah informed him.
"What's that?"
"Dessert." She smiled at him.
"Good plan." Richie said as he motioned for a waiter's attention.

The waiter cleared off their table and brought them menu's again so they pick out a dessert.

A few minutes later their conversation continued over dessert.

"I was wondering about something." Sarah started, remembering what she had discussed with Noah earlier, but she hesitated now.
"About what?" Richie urged.
"Now that we're having Sammy." She thought about how to go on. "Where do we stand on your wish to have a big family?"
"You mean if we're having more kids after this one?" He asked confused about what she actually meant.
"Not really but lets talk about that too. I think Sammy would need a little brother or sister to play with."
Richie nodded. "I agree. I'd rather not think of it but Ava, Caleb and Noah will go to college and move out and then Sammy would be all alone."
"And that would be lonely." Sarah added in. "So we're having another one after this one?" She rubbed her hands over her belly.
"If there's no medical reasons that object, I don't see why not." Richie scooted his chair until he was next to Sarah and cover her hands with his.

Sarah smiled at the gesture and looked down at their hands, her small ones covered by his. She knew how much he loves Sammy already.

They both pulled their hands away when they felt a kick, then chuckled.

"Guess it got too crowded." Richie shrugged and reached in to kiss his beautiful wife. "Anything else you wanted to know?" Richie looked her in the eye as he asked.

Knowing he could read her eyes easily, she decided to be straightforward. A little sigh escaped her before she started. "I know you love Sammy." She looked back at him and saw nothing but love in his eyes.
"You're worried I don't love Caleb and Noah as much?" He cut in.
"No, I know you love them too."
"What's the problem then?" He asked confused.
Sarah sighed again and just told him. "Did you know stepparents can adopt their stepchildren?"
"I can adopt them?" He sounded surprised but Sarah was sure she heard excitement in his voice too.
"You could. Jonathan denied them now, so you could."
Richie smiled, thinking it over. "I'm sure my lawyer knows more about it."
"He probably does. You really want to do this?" Sarah asked, surprised how easily he jumped on the idea.
"Yeah, do you think the boys will want to? How cool would that be?"
"I think you'll have to talk to them."

They finished their desserts and headed home.

The house was dark and quiet when they arrived. Even though it was late, they had three teenagers, it would be unusual if they had gone to bed already.

As they walked into the front door, they had been right be suspicious. From the living room they could hear murmuring, some whispers and someone silencing the rest.

Sarah gave Richie a questioning look, asking him what was going on. Richie merely shrugged and took her hand in his, walking to the living room.

As soon as they walked in, everyone's head shot up to look in the direction of the doorway.

A few seconds of quiet passed before Richie decided to break it.

"Hi." He said confused by seeing their three children by the coffee table.
Ava's dog eyeing something as a delicious treat.
"We got you a surprise." Ava said, stepping away from the table and picking up the dog.

Noah and Celeb stepped away too, revealing a simple but definitely home made cake on the table. The icing covering the cake was a little sloppy  but it was clear they had tried their best, with a single candle finishing off the cake.

"You made that for us?" Sarah asked them
"For your anniversary, we thought you'd like it better if we made it ourselves." Caleb explained.
"We love it." Richie said. "But we better eat it before a certain dog gets to it first."

Noah left the room and came back with forks and plates, along with a knife to cut the cake.

They certainly had done their best, the cake tasted great, it was no wonder Rocky wanted it so bad.

After everyone had a piece of cake, including the dog and the left overs were stored in the kitchen, everyone dispersed to their bedrooms.

Once in their bedroom, Sarah wrapped her arms around her husband and stood on her tip toes to kiss him. "I love you so much. Tonight was great. Thanks." She softly smiled up at him.
"I love you too." Richie answered and kissed her again, deepening their kiss.

It had been a while since they had shared such passion and Sarah wasn't going to stop him. Richie's hand disappeared under her skirt, touching the smooth skin of her thighs.

"Lets get ready for bed and then we can continue this." Richie said, pulling back from the kisses.
Sarah nodded softly and let go of him, then lead the way the the bathroom.

"You go on to bed." Richie said as Sarah finished brushing her teeth while he was only getting started.
"See you in a minute." Sarah smiled and softly kissed his cheek before leaving.

After rinsing his mouth and cleaning up, he walked back out to the bedroom that was only lighted by the reading lamps on the side tables.

One glance at Sarah and he knew she was asleep. Part of him wanted to wake her up, the other part knew that she was seven months pregnant and needed to rest.

The latter part won and he quietly got in bed behind Sarah, putting his arm around her so his hand rested on her large belly, softly stroking.

He tried to forget the hard on that had started to develop since they had entered the bedroom. It had been a while, too long according to him but he wouldn't wake Sarah up just to have sex. He'd wait. Then, he regretfully realized it might be months before Sarah was in the mood again.

He'd wait.


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    Welcome back!

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